Find the Cheapest Flights with ‘Flights’

by Nov 15, 20130 comments

Genre : Travel
Platform : Android
Developer : Aviascanner
Rating : 4
Positives : The result is derived quite fast and the list is complete
Negatives : You don’t get to book the flights directly from the app

Cheap flight booking can actually help you save a lot of money and when you get it through your mobile phone, there is nothing like it. Cheap flight booking facility for flights all over the world cannot be found in a single place. However, with the right service you can save a lot of money and time. ‘Flights’ is a new app on play store which solves your entire problem related to flight booking. You can check flights between any two airports of the world and can directly go to the agent website to book the flight. The app is designed to resolve the problem of finding cheap flights at the best possible manner. You don’t require checking all the websites as the data will be fetched by the app by scanning the web world.

‘Flights’, presented by Aviascanner is an aviation app that can provide huge benefits to the user. Here, you just require entering the destination and the start location along with the date on journey. You can check one way and round flight with 3 days grace period. You will get the list of flights available on the day you specify. If the list is too big, you can use the filter option of the app and then find the flight. It is also possible to sort the list according to the rates. There is no discrimination between aviation companies as the list provided is complete. However, the app does not let you book the flight, that can be done through the agent websites by clicking the book now button.



  • ‘Flights’ is a search app for flights through which, you can check the list of available flights from one place to another.
  • The number of flights will be displayed on the top and each flight details will contain the booking amount.
  • The user just requires entering the date of journey and the locations to search flight.
  • Flight for economy, business and executive class can be searched through the system.
  • The sorting facility in the app lets you check the cheapest possible option available.
  • You can check flights for round trip as well as one way journey.
  • It is possible to check flights with up to 3 days grace period.
  • You can check the history of your flight search.
  • The control of the app is quite easy; you can type few letters to get the location name and can select the date from the available calendar.
  • The app is available for android 2.1 up.
  • The version 2.6.8 of the app takes 2 MB space on your device.
  • The app is currently available for free and there are no in-app purchases in the app.

Summary: ‘Flights’ is a flight search engine that takes into account all the available flights between two places. You can check flight for any country and any location and the results will be displayed in no time.

Good: The result is derived quite fast and the list is complete.

Bad: You don’t get to book the flights directly from the app.

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