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Easy To Personalize and Design – MyPostcard

The MyPostcard application is all about sending personalized postcards, photo prints, and greeting cards worldwide. High quality printed postcards with personalised photos and text. The application derives the wide range of designed templates for occasions like Christmas, birthday, wedding, valentines day and much more.

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Qtok – Be Confident to Translate

What do you do for translating one language into another? My answer is simple. I’ll hire an Interpreter and carry him in my pocket. Is it a joke? Probably, it can be for you guys! But after reading this review, you will also reply the same answer just as I did.

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roomlia – Lets Plan the Unexpected !

Life is not planned; it’s unexpected. You never know what the next few seconds of your life will be. But an unknown turn isn’t always the wrong turn. Otherwise, the life will become so boring that even sleeping on a couch would sound “wild”.

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WAYFARE – Let’s Explore !

This is a lonely planet that we live on. I mean there’s no other planet than Earth where life is present, at least for the time being. So the planet Earth must be feeling very lonely, right! There’s nobody she can talk to and everything’s always the same as it was million years ago.

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WorldMate- Let’s Be-Friend the World !

We all have our own assumptions about the places we haven’t visited yet. For example, if you haven’t been to another country, then there’s a certain mystique in your senses developed for that place that’s basically a hollow solid shell created by TV programmes and web.

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ASKME – Ask Anything and Get Immediately

ASKME application acts as a pivot for most of your local business needs, classifieds, Local deals, nearby restaurants, companies, fitness center, computer peripherals, hospitals etc. You can find almost everything in just few touches.

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Find the Cheapest Flights with ‘Flights’

‘Flights’, presented by Aviascanner is an aviation app that can provide huge benefits to the user. Here, you just require entering the destination and the start location along with the date on journey. You can check one way and round flight with 3 days grace period.

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Travel Budget App – Expense’s Under Control

Travel Budget App supports a total of 88 different currencies with dynamically updated exchange rates. The app has an integrated map and you have to just tag your billing location on the map so that every time you want to see a particular bill, you can see the tagged location as well.

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FlyMate : Your Mate for Flight Travel

FlyMate is one of the most useful iOS apps, using which one can track their flights on a real time basis and keep in touch with other users on the airport via over 4000 chat rooms, each of which represent different airports.

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