FitTime Stats: Fitness on the go !

by Dec 20, 20150 comments

Platform : Android
Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, UI
Negatives : none

To busy thinking about day to day activities? Is your planner too full to accommodate any additional content aside from work and important matters? Are you looking to achieve a better overall fitness status but too busy to work out or subscribe to a gym membership? Behold the revolutionary app, FitTime Stats, made by Martino Ventures, LLC.


FitTime Stats is the fitness app for the person on the go. Fitness is a day to day investment and it is important to track your status to achieve your fitness needs and aspirations. Anyone who works-out can attest to the fact that tracking your progress daily is a necessity. There are only two ways to do this. First, is to enroll in a fancy and expensive gym that has trainers and fitness instructors to tell you what to do and track your progress. This is expensive, time consuming, and binds you down as you can only workout depending on the hours the facilities are available. Second, you can get FitTime Stats.


FitTime stats is your own personal trainer and motivator that can whip you up into shape in short bursts throughout the day. It can get you moving and is a convenient way to fit 1-2 hours of intensive exercise without having to use special equipment or taking time off from your busy activities to fit in your routine. A bonus is that it gives you a progress report that you can wear as a badge of honor for all the hard work you have done.

Not only does FitTime act as your all-in one organizer but it also helps you build muscle, cut fat, and stay in good shape in a very short amount of time. Work yourself into excellent shape by following the suggested exercises and get your metabolism running fast.


FitTime will alert and remind you to workout. It will let you perform simple exercises with variable intensity and difficulty without requiring special equipment, attire, and footwear. The exercises can also be done anywhere you are. All you have to do is listen to the personal trainer that fits in the palm of your hands.

With you FitTime Stats you are able to:

  1. Set the frequency of exercises to your desired time;
  2. Set the duration of the exercises you want to perform;
  3. Set the time span for exercise during the day;
  4. Set the intensity and difficulty of the suggested exercises;
  5. Pick music from different genres.


  • FitTime Stats is a free app. It does not cost a thing.
  •  Fire and forget. Set your desired frequency, duration, timespan, and intensity and focus on your other tasks. FitTime will do all the remembering for you.
  •  Do exercises anywhere without special equipment or gym membership. Get fit without the hassle and be more productive in both work and fitness.
  • Saves you precious time and money.


  • Only available with android. How about making one for the Apple appstore Martin Ventures, LLC?
  •  Exercises could be more intense.


If you’re very busy and rarely have the time to go to the gym and workout then this app is for you. This app is a solid choice for the fitness seeker looking to work out without having to displace too much of his time. If you are looking to track your fitness progress and brag to your friends or compete with them then FitTime Stats can definitely make your while. A solid download for health-buff on the go.

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