Friend in Palm (FIP) Assistant App – The Siri for Android

by May 11, 20130 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : Android
Rating : 4.5
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FIP Assistant or Friend in Palm is an app developed by IndoIrish Softsol Pvt. Ltd, capable of performing a wide range of tasks, such as test messages as well as conversion of photographs, all of which are created virtual communication tools. All this is done by the use of the voice recognition with artificial intelligence, so that the user need not use his hands for performing all these tasks. It is an app created for the Android market, whereby it virtualizes an individual and produce features on the face of the individual to show any commands that you give. The virtual individual that you create can have different accents, such as US English or Australian English and so on.


  • It has the features of the Siri in iPhone and is user driven.
  • You can select the FIP, such as your family members, friends or even a celebrity, so that it is more than just a voice conversing with you. ld
  • All tasks, such as sending emails or calling someone while you are driving or searching for some information on Google or Amazon can be done. You can set alarms and ask it to perform all types of tasks, just as you would ask an assistant.
  • The user can also provide a name to the virtual assistant and personalize it with emotions.
  • You can create a companion, a guide or create a son or a father that you miss.
  • The assistant works like your encyclopedia and can offer all the answers to any questions you ask it. You can even share jokes with the assistant.
  • It is able to carry out multiple tasks, both simple and complex and emotes intelligently.
  • The FIP app helps you send both text messages and email messages.
  • You can also send animated pictures
  • It is easy to find information, such as equations, definitions, measurements and other facts that you would usually search in the web.
  • Use the FIP to post updates on social media and for setting reminders and alarms.
  • You can also get directions with the Google maps.

The Good

It is a unique app that can personalize your Android phone, having your favorite person in the palm of your hand. Both simple and complex tasks can be done by the FIP, such as tasks related to GPS, social media or information in real time and other tasks connected with information about weather or sports and so on. The FIP works like a personal assistant, doing tasks, such as updating your Facebook or sending your mail and soon. It is the best personal assistant you could think of and much more.

The Bad

The app is the first version for the Android market and could have some basic glitches, which would soon be remedied.


The Siri app for the iPhone 4 has popularized the concept of virtual assistants in a Smartphone.  The FIP app for Android brings the concept of a virtual assistant with personality, which can respond to your commands and even reply showing true emotions in different accents and truly become your friend in the palm.

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