Get Momentum – Plan your work and work your plan

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Genre : Productivity
Platform : Web
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Are you the one to fall behind your work schedule? Do you find it difficult to make optimal use of your efforts to complete your tasks? Don’t worry any more since Get Momentum App is here to help you accomplish your dreams. Get Momentum is your own private work management app that can be applied to many areas of profession. The fact that it is a web app makes it very convenient to use with the ability to be installed on a PC or laptop. It has a 45-day trial period after which we need to subscribe.

Functional Highlights

  • This app is all about setting your expectations and goals before even starting work, so once you log in you get a home page that displays all your projects along with your goals. This compliance with the rules of project management
  • Once you create a project you will be asked to set goals. Each goal is described in a detailed manner along with its measurement criteria and how the goal is considered to be complete
  • You can add your other team members by clicking ‘New’ button (on the top) and selecting Employees. Invite them using their email. This feature enables us to manage our team as well simultaneously
  • You can set goals for yourself as well as your project. These project goals can be assigned to the employees registered for the project. Goal tracking is implemented by setting milestones for each goal in the form of tasks. It is safe to assume that a set number of tasks complete a goal
  • Warnings are activated once the task completion is overdue so that we are constantly prodded to complete our tasks on time
  • The ‘Activity Stream’ screen keeps constantly streaming all the recent activities pertaining to the project completion. It is a single view of data on multiple screens
  • The tasks involved are clearly defined making the employees solely responsible for them. The employees are expected not to perform more than the ones exclusively assigned to them


It is a well known fact that we always outperform ourselves when there is somebody to oversee our activities than otherwise. Get Momentum does the job of self-supervision in order to increase our efficiency and productivity. The clarity of responsibility set by this app reduces redundant work among the employees thus increasing the output and speed of the project.


The interface is bland and its working is similar to any website implementing a design pattern. There is a uniqueness that is missing. A web app with a potentially popular concept such as project management would be expected to woo the technology buffs with much more features. The pricing may be a matter of concern esp. for small scale industries.


The developers at CoreInnovative GmbH truly believe in ‘Simple Living, High Thinking’ and this reflects in their app Get Momentum. This app is innovative yet simple, sticking to the basics. There are no gaudy graphics or eye-catching glitter in the overall look of the app but still this app catches the eye of the user for its efficient user interface. Get Momentum really sets the momentum of your project and helps you complete your project ahead of schedule.

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