Good Enough For Most QA: LeanTesting

by Sep 19, 20150 comments

Genre : Tools
Platform : Web
Developer : Lean Testing
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Ui, easy to use, professional, more features
Negatives : none


One of the most important aspects of the software engineering process is QA testing. For each project that needs quality assurance, those who are designated to test need to ensure that the software is ready for the time of release, ensure that specific aspects in each release cycle are up to scratch, ensure that there is traceability and coverage with test assets, ensure that execution is up to scratch, search for bugs, and analyze metrics. One of those tools that looks to offer great solutions for bug testing and test case management is LeanTesting.

Clean and Simple UI
One of the first things you will notice about LeanTesting is its incredibly simple UI. The LeanTesting team did a wonderful job of effectively mapping out its functions to be seen only when needed. You see this as you sign in, where the first thing that you see is a list of all your projects, and a field box where you can create a new one. Projects views come in five modes: All, Account Manager, Project Manager, Tester, Developer and Client. This provides a way for easy collaboration among the different factions of QA testing and test management, while keeping noise levels down. Each faction can be updated with the goings on in the project, for instance, the number of bugs acknowledged and confirmed can be seen once found by testers.

Communication and Collaboration
During the testing process, LeanTesting provides tools for all five team member types to easily converse with each other about any concerns, bugs found, future plans, etc. It also files all the bugs found, providing information for each, such as the severity of the bug and its status. With filtering and search mechanisms a team member can easily find the bug in question, and can update the status of the bug if needs be. LeanTesting provides an area for easy communication, where a project or account manager can speak to the testers and develops, and relay messages to the client as well. The app also allows test plans to be named, and to be shared among LeanTesting and non-LeanTesting users.

The Not So Good About It
LeanTesting is for bug testing and management, and it does it reasonably well. There are a few things with the web app that are not so good however. Firstly, the learning curve of the app is a little steep, and this may have come as a side effect to the simplicity of the app. Once learned, it is not such a big deal, but it can be a bit frustrating at first. Secondly, possibly the biggest fault of this app is the non-responsive UI. For a modern web app, especially an important such as this that will definitely not be used full screen (unless the user has multiple monitors), it is quite sad that the UI isn’t responsive enough. It is almost unusable on a smaller screen, so hopefully they fix this in the future.

If you need a bug management tool and not much else, with tools for collaboration and communication, then LeanTesting is a great tool. It feels a bit unfinished, but for a mostly free app for simple tasks, it’s a bargain.

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