Hapimomi Family Calendar : For Social Life

by Jun 16, 20130 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Hapimomi Inc
Rating : 4.5
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Your family is involved in all the decisions of your life and your thoughts are always connected to them then why not involve them in your day to day schedule of life? This will make life easier and more connected for you and your family and you will be able to plan things with them properly and privately. This is what gave rise to the app HapiMomi which is a very useful app available on iTunes. This app lets you share your life with your family, literally and you can actually plan things with them, in the most efficient and private manner.

HapiMomi is an app for your family where you can share your schedule, calendar, to do list and more. Share the appointment with your family members so that they remember to reach places at time, and they will also remind you about your appointments. If you are going for shopping in a mall and have a long list of items to take, just share the shopping and tick the items that are already taken so that there is no extra purchase done, and you get the right things at the shortest possible time. Your planning will reach only to your family members and not anyone else. This new app by Hapimomi Inc is completely free to download from iTunes.


·         HapiMomi is a sharing app on iTunes which can be shared with your friends and family.

·         You require installing the app as the head of the family and you can just add your family members from the wall simply by clicking their names.

·         The app lets you share the calendar and whoever is sharing the app will be able to view the schedule.

·         The head of the family in the app can post any event on the calendar.

·         You can post a ‘to do’ list or a shopping list that everyone require following.

·         The app is a private but social network just for your family.

·         You can share calendar, phone book, shopping and to do list, and diary.

·         With this app, even if you are away, you can stay connected to your family in a private manner.

·         The app interface is quite easy to use; with this app you don’t require to share your family things with other people on the social network.

·         The app version available in the market is 1.5 and it takes around 8.7 MB space on your device.

·         The app requires iOS 5.0 or later and it is fully optimized for iPhone 5.

Summary:  HapiMomi is a family app that is designed to keep your family happy and connected. This app provides you great bit of communication option and you can share and plan things privately with your family, without making anyone know.

Good: This is a free app to download and there is no in-app purchase to be done. The interface is quite easy to use.

Bad: You cannot share your already updated calendar in this app; the calendar will have to be created separately.

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