Infinite Music – iPhone App Review

by Apr 30, 20170 comments

Genre : Music
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : L&J
Rating : 4
Positives : options, easy to use , advanced, UI
Negatives : None

Infinite Music, developed by L&J Productions is a unique and smartly-crafted music player and mixer only available on iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. It uses the music stored on the iTunes library/Dropbox/iCloud Drive. Users may make their own remixes and also mash-ups by using this app. It has had recent updates made for improvements. Also, the size of this app is 18 MB. This music app can be used in the following languages: English and French.


As the name, “Infinite Music” suggests, the entire playlist can be played as a single song by automatically jumping to following songs which are similar, or the users can manually select audio sequences to be linked together. In a way, instead of manually changing each song, this app enables music to play automatically and infinitely depending on the audio sequences.

Another feature that makes this application unique is, activity detection. Other applications usually require a user to open the app or manually change the song however with this feature, the application detects the activity being done and accordingly plays the songs as set previously for that activity i.e; running, walking etc. Similarly, there is another feature which synchronises the lighting of Phillips Hue lamps based on the rhythm of the music the user is listening to.


As discussed previously, this music application is only 18 MB which makes it more storage-friendly enabling users to download it and use without having concerns of using too much memory space. Furthermore, a really small, but good feature of Infinite Music is that it is ad- free which makes it more appealing to use and avoids distractions for the users that are created by the various ads. In addition, Infinite Music offers background processes which means that even if we go back to our main screen or lock the device, the music will still play in the background. This feature is quite important as this means the user does not have to stay on screen and can multi-task with other applications they wish to use. Finally, one of the best aspects of Infinite Music is that it is free. Being a free app, makes it easy for people to download the app and give it a try.

Regardless of the distinctive and unique features, there are some areas of concerns regarding Infinite Music. Firstly, the scope of this application. As stated above, this application can only be downloaded on iOS devices and moreover, devices with iOS 9.3 and above. This may reduce the number of potential users as there could be Android users wanting such an app, or users with iOS software below 9.3. Secondly, considering the fact that iOS is a platform used in countries all over the world, just two languages (English and French) may not be sufficient and may result in inaccessibility for users throughout the world that speak and understand other languages. Thirdly, it’s common and usually preferable for music applications to have Audio streaming facilities which Infinite Music does not offer. Lastly, upon installation of the application, the user may not find the interface appealing or attractive enough as the user interface is really plain and vague and can be made more attractive and interesting.

To conclude, Infinite Music has an overall rating of 4+ on iOS, which shows it is definitely worth downloading and giving a try. Like every other application this one too has its own pros and cons. However, if the developer continues updating and implementing improvements then Infinite Music will just keep getting better. Its unique advantages definitely do give this application an edge over others hence its high rating is purely justified.

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