Insight – Story Therapy : Take a Right Decision !

by Aug 1, 20150 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : Android
Developer : Gabriele Cavaliere
Rating : 4
Positives : stories,simple UI, concept
Negatives : none

We live in uncertain times. If you ever watch the news we seem to be inundated with stories of wars, violent crime, and the imminent collapse of the environment. It is easy to feel lost with in the greater scheme of things and lose hope. Since we live in a world where there is just as many ways to find hope as there are to lose it. I was surprised when I was asked to review an app that claims to help with this situation. I have checked out many of them before with mixed results. When it comes to finding spiritual guidance I rarely consider an app to be my go to choice for this sort of thing.

When I was given the app Insight to review I tried to keep an open mind, but I admit my own personal judgments cloud thing a bit. When I opened the sight and saw a bunch of stories I rolled my eyes a bit. Until I started to read them. It started with a Norse mythology featuring Odin and Loki. Admittedly the story confused me a little bit so it wasn’t too helpful. I hit the random story generator to see what else it had to offer. This time I got a story from The Bible. More specifically of the prodigal son. This one I was more aware of as it is one of my favorites.

Over the better part of an hour I spent my time reading very short stories from four major sources including The Bible, Greek and Norse Mythology, and Buddhism. Reading these stories did give me a sense of getting answers. The problem is it can feel all so random. While you can choose to be random or choose from a particular group of stories what happens when you have a more specific in mind. If you click on the button that looks like a sheet of paper it can give you a more specific subject like family, work, education, beliefs etc. Then it will ask you to pick a subtopic of identity, resources, etc. Once you have chosen it will give you a brief description about what that topic means. One final area that you can look at are the variables that can impact you in your daily life like change, challenge, ambition etc. This is one of the best aspects of this sight as it will chose a story that will best handle that topic.

I am a huge fan of simple looking apps that make it easy and user friendly. This one happens to be the best I have seen. It isn’t flashy or use anything that is unnecessary. Just a straight forward app that lets you dig right in and search for what you are looking for. I didn’t realize I had spent so much time on this app as I kept finding myself reading story after story. While some were outside of my frame of reference and confusing the others were understandable and applied to pretty much everything going on in my life. If you are having doubts or questions about your life this is one of the best apps to get in order to help you figure it out.

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