Jinglay – Create your own Jinglay

by Jan 11, 20160 comments

Genre : Music
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Jinglay Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : very short jingles
Negatives : none

Jinglay is currently the new face of the social network, the invention of 2016 and very new in the world of social communication. The technique of using audio (voice music and sound) is not only the conveying message but also entertaining to the users. The world of today is full of people where about 70% of the population does not like reading; there is time taken to concentrate on books and text and to understand what they are saying and, for this reason, a few people take part in anything entailing reading in them. This is why most of the knowledge or the ideas conveyed in movies and music forms reach a wide range of people compared to written work because of the entertainment accompaniment.


The Jinglay is the network platform that the users get easy access to these. Of cause like any other social network, Jinglay also requires signing in, the process is quite simple and sequenced, and any iPhone or iPod mobile user can easily access this platform login in the iTunes apps download the app and sigh up. The interface is direct and guides on what to do and I think these is amazing, it can be used both professionally and casually.


The app has so many advantages mostly for the musicians, for example if the musicians are far from their producers, all they need is to link the other end of the phone to the recording machine and the session proceeds. The ideas is closely related to streaming but unlike streaming where the audio is one way directed, in Jinglay the video or audio goes both ways, its shared its communicated and these makes this app very powerful tool for conveying the real-time video and audio and entertainment message. It is also clear that Jinglay welcomes also the blind since they can hear the audio sounds via this social network.

The app however has its downside, the audio or the music to be conveyed or sampled only last for 15 seconds. This is very short time to convey messages like songs or someone giving a real time speech to the audience in a location where they cannot physically be there. The Jinglay Avenue become cumbersome means to use in these case. Also, the app is currently restricted to the iPod and the iPhone mobiles phones, not all people around the world use these types of phones, the hence making it accessible to only iPhone and iPod community since the app is not supported by phone the java android and the ordinary phones. It also uses higher bandwidth, which makes it expensive for the internet subscriber.


The app is a life changing, and interacts easily with all kind of generation and age. However to make it, even more, welcomed, a few changes like increasing its accessibility to all types of phone to support the app and the 15 seconds bit to a higher value like 3min and above Jinglay is going to be the future of the social network.

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