Journeyful : Get the Best Deals on Hotel Bookings

by Jan 30, 20150 comments

Genre : Travel
Platform : Web
Developer : Journeyful Pte Ltd
Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, best service, good price
Negatives : none


Finally, a comprehensive website has been launched that can serve all the hotel booking needs of travelers. is dedicated towards making your stay at a new place not only splendid but also memorable. This website is backed by a powerful search engine which provides integrated search results directly from numerous hotels across the world. So, irrespective of the place you are planning to visit in your next trip, be it San Francisco, Phoenix, Orlando, NY, Anaheim, Dallas, Miami, Madrid, Bali, Sydney, Cancun or Venice, you can find the best hotel bookings through the single website of journeyful. The site work as a one stop solution for the travelers, making it simple to book short or long stays at any place across the world at the click of a mouse.

Journeyful not only brings the facility of instant hotel booking to the travelers but also offers a bunch of added benefits that make it a preferred choice every time one needs to book a stay. The site works as a bridge between the best hotels and the travelers looking for a comfortable stay. Journeyful claims to offer the lowest hotel booking rates, even for the best hotels of the popular tourist destinations. The brand is so confident about offering the lowest price that they promise to refund the full money charged for the booking if you ever find a better deal. They also do not charge any added booking fees. So, doing your hotel bookings through Journeyful is not only a simple and easy way to get booking at the best hotels, but is also an intelligent option to save money on hotel bookings.

Another facility of Journeyful, which is sure to make your hotel booking experience really joyful is that, the brand offers points on your every booking through the site. You earn points as you go on making your bookings through journeyful, and you can redeem these points on the site while making your next bookings. So, if you are a regular traveler, the site can be the best way to plan your out of hometown stays, as you are rewarded handsomely for being a regular customer. It is the word of mouth which makes the maximum impression when it comes about staying experience in a hotel, and travelers can find over 2000 guest reviews on 1,000+ hotels across the world in the site of Journeyful. So, you can consult the traveler reviews first on the site, and then proceed to make your bookings at the cheapest rate and also earn points for future discounts.

Apart from hotel booking the brand also offers ferry booking and corporate travel management services. It houses the most experienced travel consultants to guide the corporate houses on their travel plans and bookings at the most reasonable rates. They don’t only create unique brand experiences but also ensures the maximum return on your investment. The site of Journeyful has a very simple, uncomplicated frontend that can be used by anyone. The brand excels in offering customer-centric service and ensures the best experience for every traveler.

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