KidsCur Baby Care Growth Chart

by Jan 27, 20230 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : Altilium
Rating : 4.7
Positives : We've been using KidsCur for several months now and it has made managing our child's health so much easier! Download the KidsCur Baby Care
Negatives : Nothing

Parenting is made easy with KidsCur.

KidsCur Baby Care is the perfect solution for busy parents who want to stay informed about their children’s health. With KidsCur, parents can access all their child’s health-related information from anywhere and anytime. It’s a secure and easy way to keep track of your child’s medical history, immunization records, and other important information. KidsCur makes it easier for parents to make informed decisions about their child’s healthcare needs.


Security first: We do not collect or share any personal information that can be used to identify you or your child. We understand that it is YOUR sensitive information. Your privacy is our topmost priority. With KidsCur, only YOU can access and view your personal records. No one else. Not even us.

Appointment Reminders: To ensure that you never miss your child’s appointments.

Medication Reminders: So that ‘life happening to you does not affect your child’s daily medication schedule.

Vaccination Reminders: To ensure that you have the vaccinations covered timely.

Growth Tracker: Track baby growth and get accurate information on newborn milestones. Measure your child’s weight, height, BMI, head circumference, and all the other important growth markers in the comfort of your home. Our easy-to-understand baby growth chart updates you on the little milestones that your beloved has covered. You can even compare them with the ideal growth percentiles recommended by the WHO.

Milestone tracker: The first step, the first handshake, the first mumble. Your baby’s milestones mean the world to you. KidsCur lets you track them so that you never miss the big or small.

Vaccination tracker; Never miss your child’s vaccination with KidsCur. Promptly alerts and notifications, KidsCur keeps you updated on all upcoming vaccination schedules.

Medical history: Secure access to your child’s entire medical history in one place. Appointment details, check-up instructions, medication details, vaccination certificates, get all of it handy.

No cap on the number of profiles:
We grow with you. As your family grows, add new profiles, and enjoy the same hassle-free experience for all your kids.

Locate top-rated doctors and pharmacies near you: With KidsCur, spending hours looking for a doctor who might understand your concern or a pharmacy that might have your medicine is a thing of the past. You can easily manage your child’s health with KidsCur. Being collaborated with the best pediatricians, we bring you all the data with the touch of a button.

Take Away

KidsCur Baby Care has been a lifesaver for me and my family. With the app, I can access all of my child’s health-related information anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to use and I love the fact that it stores all of our data in one place. We’ve been using KidsCur for several months now and it has made managing our child’s health so much easier! Download the KidsCur Baby Care, Child Development & Milestones Tracker App Today.