Learn&Play Languages : Learn and Fly Anywhere!

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Genre : Travel
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, simple themes
Negatives : none

Learning foreign languages has become much easier! How much would you want to learn that desired language before going for a vacation without having to sit in a class for session? The Learn&Play Languages Beginner App by CoolForest Publishing gives you this exact chance to learn as a beginner and it is available on iTunes as a free app, giving you a step by step guide to learn several languages at your own pleasure. The languages featured on this app include: Spanish, French, German, English (US), Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese Mandarin, Korean, Thai, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay and Arabic.


Description of the App

The Learn&Play Languages Beginner App is an intuitive app with a 5-Star rating from a total of over 14,000 customer reviews and over 1.7 million downloads today. It makes new language learning a truly easier experience for you by combining 3 proven techniques to come up with the Fun app. These techniques are:

  •  Word-Group Learning that makes learning of that new language much faster.
  • A fun 3-level’ Game Playing Challenges, making the learning experience competitive hence interesting yet a fun endeavor.
  • The app includes an exciting Audio-Visual interface, making it even more interactive.

The developers behind the app did a lot of research on what results into speedy language learning, and then came together to combine all the aspects learnt to come up with this delightful app. What more, you will find pictures of hank men and pretty ladies, not for objectification purposes, but in order to increase your attention as a man or woman, a proven study. The result of this is what is referred to as SLAP (Subconscious Language Acquisition Performance) since it feels much more like having fun more than the serious case of having to learn something.

Instead of the usual and routine back and forth of flash cards or memorizing a “learning list” of words, terms and phrases, Learn&Play will put more emphasis on you having fun, which ends up with you learning seamlessly and almost subconsciously ending up with you wanting to learn more and more. Better still, it is an app, making it portable so you can learn your’ language from anywhere.

Main Features of the Learn&Play App

  • Quick Start – includes Must Know’ words and phrases usually used in the features languages.
  • Logical Topic and Word – incorporates Group Learning’ which has been proven as a faster way of learning languages.
  •  3-Level Games – enhances your urge to learn by challenging you to proceed to the next level. The games are in random arrangement and timing and come as quizzes.
  •  Self-Challenging – the app challenges you to beat your previously kept time records in the quiz challenges.
  • Deeper Audio-Visual Experience – this is meant to give you a more rapid language acquisition.
  •  Progress Tracker – the app keeps tabs on you by following up on your progress in learning.
  • Keyword Search – this tool helps you search for keywords needed for learning a language and it also doubles up as a handy translator.
  •  High Quality Attention Library – for all your learning needs.
  • Native Speaker Audio – the app comes with audio assist so that you can easily and quickly learn the pronunciation of the new language.
  • Works Offline – you can choose the offline mode; no annoying Ads to bother you as you learn.


Learning Categories on the App

Learning the language you so choose is divided into several categories to give you an easier learning experience. Some of these categories are: Greeting Basic 1, Greeting Basic 2, Greeting Usual 1, Greeting Usual 2, Drinks, Number 1-4, Number 5-10, Asking Basic, Reply Basic, Introduction, Request, Desire 1, Desire 2, Moving Around, Compass Directions, Direction Opposites 1, Direction Opposites 2, Money, Money Denomination, About Shopping, Rest Room, Temperature, and so on.

New Features in the New Learn&Play App Version 4.1.0

  1. Increased free new content from 30 to 130 items; a 333% increase in all 14 languages. Fit for all language lovers all over the world.
  2. Malay and Vietnamese languages have been added in this version to reach the 14 languages. Those who purchase All Languages’ get automatic upgrades each time the developers add a new language.
  3. You get cloud sync Learn Progress’ on Facebook and/or Email. Sync is also available between iPhone, iPad as well as other device platforms.
  4. During purchase of this version, you have an option to add 3 other language groups from North-East Asia, South-East Asia and/or Western Europe.
  5. You can add the Balloon Game’ for helping you in new language word recognition.
  6. The 4.1.0 version allows its users to copy greetings of new and native languages also in phonetic texts e.g. Guten Tag (goo-tuhn tahk in phonetics) from the search menu and paste it in any messaging platform if you want to impress your friends.
  7. You can change you App icon as you like, including cosmetic changes. This is meant to improve your user experience.


In Conclusion

In summary, this is the most interactive as well as helpful Language app for beginners that is in the market currently. I am currently learning an improving my Español on it and I am loving every step! Get the app ASAP.

Worth Having App – Download for ios –  Download for Android

You can look at Developers site too