LifeTopix : Let it Organize your Life

by Nov 3, 20120 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : LightArrow Inc
Rating : 4.5
Positives :
Negatives :


If you are the kind of person who likes having everything from tasks, special occasions, appointments, shopping lists and financial records, all neatly organized in one place, then developer LightArrow’ LifeTopix app from is the perfect app for you.

LifeTopix is much more than a regular task manager, and is an app that can literally help you organize every aspect of your life. It can take everything from your daily events, health, tasks, to-dos, your finances and reorganize them for you, all in one setting. When you first launch the app, you will be prompted to allow the app to automatically configure categories and data items that will coincide with the latest update. When the app’s main menu appears, you can see that there are various subjects on the side like “My Topics”, “My Calendar”, “Inboxes”, “My Apps”, and so on.

The really handy option is the “My Topics” feature. You can add things to that section, such as shopping lists, learning, notes and files, and a whole lot of other topics from your day to day life. Each topic can then have additional sub-topics that you can addmore detailed information to. For instance, under the shopping topic, you can add information such as things to buy and sell, gifts received, coupons that you have which you can use later, and so on.

On individual shopping lists you can add what items you have purchased, the purchase amount, your budget for that shopping, so as to be able to keep a better track of how you are doing agaist your budget.

You can add special occasions and events to A Special Occasions topic, and it will automatically sync the information to your events calendar and throw up a reminder each time there is an event coming up. Your personal social networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter can also be synced with Life Topix. 

Appearance and Layout:

The layout of LifeTopix is quite detailedand a first time user will defiitely need to spend some hands on time to figure out how to navigate the app and use all its features. But once you get the hang of it, you will be able to figure out what goes where in a jiffy. The side menu bar can be slid in an out, making switching back and forth between different app features and topix easy, and you can go back to yourt starting place at any point in time by tapping on the back arrow icon.

The app has a pretty simple blue and white skin, and categories and data are quite clear and visible, making it easier for you to add your relevant information and also to find your data later.

Overall LifeTopix readily organize quite a lot of the basics of your day to day life, and allows you to add a great deal of detail to each aspect of your life. Not only will this app organize your daily tasks, occasions, and statistics, but it will also simplify them for you. If you feel that organizing the things in  your life is a tie cnsuming affair, and have hence been putting it off for later, let the app take care of it for you.

LifeTopix is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and requires iOS 5.0 or later.

What’s good:

  • Large number of categories
  • Ability to add high level of detail

What could be better

  • App UI could seem quite overwhelming for first time

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