Meet Strangers through “A Message in a Bottle”

by Jun 9, 20180 comments

Genre : Social
Platform : Android
Developer : Honi Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : fun, graphics, ui
Negatives :

Indeed, the days are gone when people used to send messages in a bottle and float them in the river or sea. However, the concept has been made relevant today through Bottled app, a software that allows people to send messages anywhere and at any time. Bottled offers a unique experience when compared to other platforms because it focuses on helping users meet new people. The concept behind the app is to allow the user to send a message out there, into a network, where anyone can receive it. Only one recipient can receive the message, which he may decide to retain or send back to the sea. If the recipient likes the message in the bottle, he can keep it and start a conversation with the sender. If he does not, he sends it back to the system to be received by another random person, also unknown to the sender. Just like the real-world bottle, the message is free to float in the sea until it reaches a person who takes interest in the message.

For instance, if you got lost in a grove or an island without any means of communication, you would get a paper, write a message and put it in a bottle. You would then toss the bottle into the sea and leave it to float until someone finds it. If the person who finds it is ready to help, he will keep the message as he or she looks for ways to help you. If he is not in a position to offer any assistance at that specific time, he would put the message back into the bottle and leave it afloat in the sea until someone else sees it. Bottled allows the user to guide the message into the direction where he would want it to go using a compass provided by the app and earn gold coins as rewards for interacting with other users across the globe.

The encouraging aspect of Bottled is that there will always be someone willing to talk to you in spite of where you are. One thing that you will notice about Bottled is that you will not receive many bottles. The idea behind its development was to make bottles unique and precious. An active user can only receive a maximum of three bottles a day, a strategy aimed at ensuring that each bottle received is treasured and precious. The bottle’s worth leads to stronger friendships and serious conversations. Also, you will notice that your bottle may remain unopened for long, which may be because most people are asleep or simply busy. It is, therefore, essential for the user to understand the difference in time zones.

A specific user may also hold your bottle for a long time without opening it. The company allows you to release the bottle manually from your page, “My Bottle” after 24 hours, and has promised to develop its system to make this release automatic. The concept behind Bottled is really interesting, and you can excitingly meet new friends. You will need a bottle to send a message into the sea, which may be a bit expensive but you still need it to have some fun chatting with strangers.

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