Moiety – Easiest Way to Create a Schedule

by Oct 25, 20160 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Moiety Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : simple, easy to use, concept
Negatives : none

Planning an event and the type of event you are going to organise can be intimidating and confusing. There can be many reasons for organising an event like attracting more members to your group or creating and enhancing community spirit or for publicity. Scheduling an event seems hard sometimes. There are people who are going to help you like your contacts who are invited to the particular event. Deciding the venue and the time of the event is an important point to consider. Once the event is scheduled you need to invite the people through phone calls, texts or emails. But this can be very time consuming and boring. To get rid of these distracting methods, I am introducing you an app that will help to simplify your complicated schedules and saves time. It’s called Moiety.


Moiety is an app which is used to plan and make schedules. It is the best scheduling app for every phase of life, developed by the Moiety, Inc. It works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and requires 9.0 or later versions of the Operating System.

On the graphics front, this app has a handcrafted UX and the interface is user friendly. The display of the app has been just awesome. The soothing colours differentiate it from other apps. Being a simple, flexible and easy to use app, this app will surely fulfil your requirements.

Moiety is created instantly, you only need to Sign in using either Biometrics or through social media like Facebook. Then after, you can invite your contacts, create groups and customize anything and keep your calendar private. You can customize events, contacts and places for unlimited shared calendar groups- called ‘Crews’. The people who are not invited to the event can’t see anything related to that event.


The distinct feature of Moiety is that its users can see the current status of the events to be held. They will get an alert and updates on the status of the event. For example- who’s attending the event and who’s not and who has not yet responded to the event. Isn’t it interesting?

Using its patent pending technology, you can also create customized recurring events, places and actions for each Crew they created. With only a few taps, all the events are created and displayed on a single screen and uploaded quickly to your smartphone. You should be up to date to get latest alerts and notifications at your fingertips.

In a nutshell, I would say that Moiety is a very useful app for the co-parents to simplify their routines. It will be helpful for you in your daily life. Unlike other apps, it saves time and interesting also. I can’t describe everything now, you can consult the Moiety website and download it now! It is worth to download.

The app is available free in the iTunes store. Start using Moiety now!


PROS: user-friendly; unravel complicated schedules; safe and secure; saves time; give alerts on time; free.

CONS: None.

Worth Having App – Download the App