MotiFIT Run: Must Have Fitness App

by Jun 17, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Sylvio LeBlanc
Rating : 4.5
Positives : concept, UI, graphics
Negatives : none

MotiFIT Run is an application that is supported by devices that have an iOS operating system. This application is sold by a company called Slyvio LeBlanc. The application was released on 12th June 2015. MotiFIT Run is an application that is mainly meant to help you in your training procedures. The application allows you to make numerous goals in your training. This application has been set up in a way that it can be used by any adult without any difficulty.This application will help you to keep all your exercises data and training very organized.


MotiFIT Run works by automatically collects all data about the active calories in your body through The Health Database. The application also collects the velocity, the pace and the intensity of the heart beats. The application is also created in a way that it is able to produce graphs that will always show how you progress in your running. The application uses the GPS-that is always installed in iPhones and other iOS devices-to show you where you have been when running and also it gives you very clear live-routes of where you are and where you are heading in you running.



This application also produces charts that will always help you compare your heart rate fluctuations and your speed effectively. These charts are developed from all your running activities and are used to analyse all your strengths and weakness throughout the program. The application is also optimized to always give you all the data about your running program that is important-this may include the distance you cover, the speed and the pace, the caloric burn, the elevation gain or the loss, the heart rate etc. This application generally analyses your body and health in a very effective way. The application has a voice feedback that will always give you a number of notices periodically on how you are progressing.


MotiFIT Run will also give you the chance to listen to all your favorite songs from its inbuilt music player. This application will also help those people who are visually-impaired because it is 100% compatible with the VoiceOver application for iOS devices. You can also share all your running progress on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and this motives all your friends and also you will also be motivated when you view the progress of your friends. This application also has a Cloud based workout storage that will always make it easy for you to sync all your data from other devices. The application is also compatible with many BTLE heart rate monitors (e.g. Polar H6 and Jarv Run BT) that give real-time heart rate observations that are very accurate.

The application has quality graphics and very beautiful interfaces. You can download this application from iTunes and all you require is a free memory of more than 37.7 Mb in your iOS device. The application is well compatible in all original devices that have iOS 8.0 or above and it doesn’t slow the operations of your device. If you want to spice up your running workouts, you should download MotiFIT Run.

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