My Alarm Clock App: Fantastic Alarm Clock With Sleep Timer

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Genre : Productivity
Platform : Android
Developer :
Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, sound, UI
Negatives : None

Ever woken up only to realize that the entire room has been brightened up crisscrossing patterns of light from the sun? Looking at the watch, it shows that time has really lapsed and it is almost getting late for job. One ends up being in a helter-skelter motion in order to catch up with time. This situation can completely ruin the entire day! There’s need to put such unnecessary inconveniences to an end. Interestingly, My Alarm Clock App will take that situation into consideration. All that one need to do is to install this amazing app in a compatible device and the waking up situation will be completely catered for. The developers Appalon Apps have taken into account essential features to ensure that the app perfectly meets the needs of the users.


Understanding the operation of the My Alarm Clock App

With the current version 2.22 of the app, the user will realize that it was recently updated on 1st August, 2016 in order to make its performance much better. So far this top-rated app (with an overall rating of 4+ stars) has received positive reviews from its users which are mostly attributed to its numerous option features, great performance and overall amazing experience.

When it comes to the functionality of the My Alarm Clock App, it has display great capabilities which make it absolutely exceptional. The presence of sleep timer comes along with cool soothing tunes that lull the user into sleep. Meanwhile, the alarm clock is absolutely efficient and active such that it can still ring even when the app is not running! This will always assure the user of no more late morning inconveniences.

What are some of the features that are notable in this amazing app? Here they are:

Alarm support is quite efficient

Interestingly, this great app contains an alarm clock that not only wakes the user but also continues to ring till one has stopped or snooze it. This clearly means that this app will always ensure that one has woken up on time and have enough time to prepare for job.

Enjoy relaxing tunes from sleep timer

As a user, there is the option of customizing different relaxing tunes into the sleep timer. These classic tunes can play a significant role in soothing the user during the night’s sleep. This can be really effective especially when the sleep might be taking too long develop.


Easy access to alarm and sleep timer

In order to ensure that the My Alarm Clock App can be easily and quickly accessed by the user, there is the shortcut feature which has been integrated. It actually displays the sleep timer and the alarm clock on the screen thus making it easy to use them. It will just require a touch of a button!

Perfect bedside clock during nightstand mode

The presence of beautifully designed themes creates an attractive display especially when the user has activated the nightstand mode in this app. Actually, this app can act as a bedside clock during the night where the user can use the Brightness Slider to adjust amount of light emanating from the screen.

Live local weather conditions displayed

Worried about the condition of the weather? The My Alarm Clock App has taken that into account by integrating live information on the weather. The user will be able to understand the current temperature and conditions of the area. This will happen after providing location information to the app.

Brightness from built-in flashlight

Night darkness might appear scary especially when one is alone in the dark. My Alarm Clock App has got the situation covered. With the built-in flashlight, this will always provide the required light and thus making it easy to move around in darkness.


Great orientation modes supported

The ability of the user to use the app either in landscape or portrait mode clearly proves how flexible it is. This can always give the user the perfect view when it comes to enjoying the services offered by the app.

Are there Pros and Cons noted from this app? Here are some of them:


· No more oversleeping or missing special events

· Perfect user interface that is quite flexible

· Cool design that is absolutely captivating

· Easy to use and enjoy the features

· Sleep can now be easily induced with relaxing tunes


· Crashing due to bugs; needs some fix up

· Inconsistent performance from the alarm when not updated

Final Verdict

Clearly speaking, this is the best alarm clock app that one can come across. The features included are super awesome; for instance the ultrasonic design with digital frame, sleep timer, great alarm clock and other enhancing features are just a clear indication of how this app is quite reliable. Don’t miss out such amazing experience. Get this app now from Google Play for absolutely free!

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