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Remembering and organizing the routine work in the workplace is not at all easy. I am so forgetful and keep forgetting my targets due to a timely reminder. Being a teacher I am held up with academic and administrative work and fail to manage my time thus there will be a lapse in my work all the time. Due to these pitfalls, I use to note it down in my handbook to remember all the important document submissions but the problem is until I open and see I won’t be able to find out what and when has to be done. So I decided to seek help from my colleague who’s a technology teacher at my workplace she made my job easier by quickly downloading this notepad application Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook. What to say it is such a great application to organize my learning materials, my lesson plans. Audio and video recording helps me to explain the concept even in a better and understandable way. A  big thanks to my friend for paving the way to my career.

 What does Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook do?

Simple and easy to use notepad app helps you to take on thoughts, ideas, inspiration, information, meetings, agenda, project plans, lecture, travel, story writing, book writing

  • Quick notes on anything and everything you want
  • Can record to-do lists,
  • Store and keep your notes on Google Drive
  • Can easily scan documents.
  • Password protect your notes, set a password to open and access notes
  • Access notebooks and notes from the home screen
  • Sync your notes and access across devices
  • Add shortcuts to notes, to-do lists, scan documents on the home screen for quick access.

Insightful features in detail

Notes organizer helps to create notebooks for your various needs, set notebook cover as image, color or drawing. Copy or Move notes from one notebook to another

Notes App  – You can take notes any sort of notes with rich text, images, video, audio recording, drawing, paint, PDF or any file attachment, color note, rich text editor options like bold, italic, underline, font color, font background color, strike
To Do List App : Can record to-do list, task list, checklist, shopping list, daily work list, rearrange items with drag and drop, mark tasks when complete, add subtasks.

Camera Scanner App : Can quickly and easily scan documents, images, photos, receipts, office documents, business documents, books using the camera. Extract text from images. Create PDF and share it easily with colleagues and friends.

Photo Editor App: It Edit image files, add text, draw on a photo, crop photo, add emoji and convert image to pdf. Create art, sketch, drawing, painting and add to note
Planner App: It creates a detailed strategy plan, travel, makes agenda, meeting discussion points, career, daily activities, weekend or holiday plan. Create a daily plan and make it a habit with execution details by setting a daily reminder
PDF Maker App: You can create PDF of Text notes, Images, Scan documents and share with friends, family and colleagues
Reminder App: This feature was my need of the hour. We can schedule Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly reminders for to-do lists, tasks, birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, bill pay, medicines as per your Calendar schedule
Voice recorder: It swiftly records audio, take voice notes from meetings, lecture, conference call, meeting memo
Diary: You can write about your daily activities, feelings, emotions. plan daily and track habits

Free Notes App in Daily Life:-

  • Capture and take note of ideas, thoughts as and when they strike
  • Plan and manage office tasks and house tasks
  • Plan and manage your work, time, schedule with to-do lists
  • Create a list and set reminders for bill pay, goals, medicine, workout plan
  • Plan and set reminders for events like birthdays, holidays, travel
  • Create shopping lists, grocery lists
  • Scan documents, bills, receipts, photos
  • Set reminders and track daily workout, exercise, yoga activities, medicine time
  • “Pin to status bar” to stop procrastinate important tasks

Notebook in professional life:-

  • Create detailed notes of your ideas, inspiration, business
  • Plan your ideas for execution and strategy
  • Take business meeting notes, record audio for future reference
  • Create a detailed schedule, agenda of business meeting
  • Create to-do lists, priorities and maintain work-life balance
  • Plan your career milestones like the next new skill learning
  • User note daily as your day planner, memo writing, journal writing

Notepad in Education:-

  • Take lecture notes with rich text, drawing, photo, audio, video, or attach any files
  • Plan and organize your study, assignments, examination
  • Teachers can create a homework study plan and share it with students
  • Create notes for various subjects like maths, history, physics and share the PDF with students

Finally, This is the best all-in-one application for all your needs. You can use this application Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook

In your professional and personal life as well to keep life balanced. Quickly download it on the phone and be happy with the working of the application