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Genre : Education
Platform : Android | iPad | iPhone
Developer : Office Hours LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : Education App
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How baffling is it to go through hours perusing a book and afterward perusing the examination materials over and over and again to get the critical subtleties to stick?

perusing the examination materials over and over and again to get the critical subtleties to stick?

Being a student is very difficult in the present scenario. The student undergoes a lot of trauma if he fails to understand the terms and tricks of learning. The student has to be a mentor most of the time to get clarity on learning. Don’t worry my friend just download Oh – Connect to tutor and learn application. This one straightforward application.  Is developed with the perspective to empower you whenever you lag. Prevail with Goodness, the shared learning stage worked by students for undergrads. Welcome to your available time and get your doubts, queries are clarified at your own pace of learning.

Pick your learning style: Regardless of whether you learn best through effectively taking care of issues, or inactively tuning in to your educators, Oh – Connect to tutor and learning permits you to become familiar with your way with video, sound, and composed guidance. Oh – Connect to tutor and learn offers start to finish arrangement remarkably tending to web-based educating needs.

Features for Students:

  • Find peer tutors in your exact or more advanced college course by simply adding a class on Oh. No more searching for homework help by vague subject terms (unlike other tutoring services such as Chegg, Wyzant, Varsity Tutors, Preply, Socratic, Slader and Brainly)!
  • Pay only for the time you use
  • Pay only a pro-rated amount calculated by the duration of your peer tutoring appointment.
  • Evaluate peer tutors in your college community: browse lists of upperclassmen, graduate students, teaching assistants, recent alumni, and professors who are familiar with your college course and pick your favorite one!

Features for Tutors:

  • Choose your hourly rate. Capitalize on the material you learned in college and choose how valuable your time is! Earn to help others.
  • Choose the classes you want to tutor and discover students looking for help in them.
  • Send chat messages with your peer student to narrow the topic of the tutoring appointment.
  • Book digital tutoring appointments on your computer or phone with your peer student packed with whiteboards, equation editors, and screen sharing to power your teaching
  • Get notified of students looking for help in your areas of expertise
  • Review the most popular classes in need of tutors at your school
  • Get paid instantly to tutor wherever and whenever you are! We issue instant and secure payout processing via debit cards and bank accounts

Features for Everyone:

  • 120+ colleges and 577,000+ classes onboarded on Oh. Courses on Oh include Math, Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Science, Economics, History, Social Studies, Marketing, Accounting, and much more!
  • Peer  help in your exact college classes
  • Chat to share problems, images, and context ahead of your appointment
  • Schedule online peer learning office hours whenever you want
  • Video chat packed with whiteboards and screen sharing to power knowledge sharing.
  • Get answers to your homework or exam questions with our peer support network – right at your fingertips!
  • Process payments securely and receive instant payouts as a peer tutor


Connect with like-minded users from around the globe. Remember everything you learn with technology blended learning in your mobile phone. Yes, learning has become as simple as that. Download now and start learning the right way.

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