Ondigo Mobile CRM : A New Callbook in the Market

by Dec 11, 20131 comment

Genre : Productivity
Platform : Android
Developer : ONDiGO
Rating : 4.5
Positives : quick notes and attach documents; intuitive UI
Negatives : none

When conducting business calls on your mobile phone, it often happens that after talking to one of your contacts, you immediately get another incoming call. By the end of the second call, you completely forgot what conversation you had with the first person.  So if it was something important regarding payment or an urgent message to be delivered, you may face problems. Forgetfulness and multi-tasking are pains we all deal with constantly these days.

Also when you are dealing with many people every day, it’s very difficult to distinguish between your personal and business contacts. In business it’s critical because you can allow yourself to miss personal calls, but business calls usually means incoming revenue.

Although the native call book we have in our phones is already advanced and very much user friendly, there is still a lot to be done there. We get to see many apps aimed at improving our user experience but last a few days in our phone memory. That’s not the case with the app we have for you today! Our tests and the user reviews on this app show that it’s a real asset to sales people and business owners.

ONDiGO Mobile CRM is an exciting and simple way to connect with your contacts on-the-go.

Now, let’s take a look at the features of this app:

First, whenever you end a call with a person, you’ll get an option to write down a note so that you won’t forget what you talked about. You can also set a meeting or attach a document if you want. So, next time when you’ll call that person or if that person calls you, that message will appear on the screen and remind you in case you forgot. Second, you can sort all your contacts according to five different categories: New, In Progress, Business, Services and Personal. Even if you’re not sure about whether a particular person will join you or not, you can add him under “In Progress” label.  Also, there are separate colours for all these different labels and they just make the task easier. To add to your comfort, you can prioritize your contacts as well so that the contacts you talk to most are always easiest to find.


One of the best features of ONDiGO Mobile CRM is the improved call log. In a traditional call log, you’ll find the history of all calls for a particular contact only. However, with ONDiGO you’ll find calls, text messages and emails. All means of communication in one central place. Also, if you have any tasks, meetings or documents attached with that contact, you’ll find all of them there as well.

ONDiGO is available for free at Google Play Store. If you’ve read the complete review, download it now and check out all the important features yourself. It’s certainly not similar to your current call book and will bring a lot of difference for sure. So in my opinion, it’s a must download.

Pros: quick notes and attach documents; intuitive UI; sort by priority; smarter call log; free.

Cons: none.

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