OneHive : Way to Manage Your Projects

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Genre : Productivity
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : HiveChecklist Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : screens, easy to use, check lists and free
Negatives : None

OneHive iphone app is perfect software for fast moving teams or groups to stay focused and connected on accomplishing day to day operations in organizations. It’s the most productive tool designed to make day to day operations within team members or group members easy to manage and track applying the concept of checklist and social connectivity.’


OneHive makes checklists social enabling individuals of a team or a group to share work items with their team members hence ensuring predictability and team or group member’s accountability. It enables the user to create, share and track day to day work of team members or group members without complexity associated with majority of other project management software available in the market. It allows individuals to assign users and reviewers to sub items and items in a team or group, enabling items requiring additional attention to be reviewed later. With its advanced features such as sending notification to team members, viewing progress of every team member and creation of templates for commonly used checklist makes OneHive more effective software that can be used by a team without complexity.



OneHive iphone app has the ability to create as many checklists, sub- items and items from an individual’s iOS device, mobile device or computer. It allows one to share checklists, sub-items and items with ease to members of a group or a team. With Drop box integration, one is able to attach files to items on the checklist with ease. It’s possible with OneHive to assign reviewers to review work items done by other team members or group members in the checklist. OneHive gives full transparency as to who in the team or group is doing what by showing real-time status of all active checklists members. OneHive allows one to track progress of individual team members or group members and others in the team. One is able to receive notifications on pending assignments and status updates on checklists owned or are shared with him while using the OneHive iphone app. OneHive allows use of community created templates, or own templates for commonly used checklists by team members.


With the new OneHive version 1.2, team or group members are able to schedule checklists daily, weekly, monthly and annually depending on their assignments. This allows one to repeat checklist(s) that are needed to work on regularly and save time wasted from creating the same checklist again and again. There is also the introduction of the concept of due time, which comes with optional due date. It allows the user set dates on an item along with a time that he needs to be notified. OneHive will send a notification reminder on that date and time about the item, so that it can be worked on or swiped off as done.


OneHive comes as a free to download iphone app without in-app purchases hence accessible to a larger population hence is highly recommended for fast moving teams to remain connected due to its amazing features.

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