Organize Your Tools With the ShareMyToolbox

by Apr 2, 20150 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : more professional, easy to use
Negatives : none

Ever lose track of some of your tools? This can be expensive. A new app, ShareMyToolBox, is available from Viewpoint’s Business Incubator to help keep track of your tools from the Apple app store for the iPhone. While there is a version of the app with more options for sale, the free option is certainly enough for the do-it-your-self tool enthusiast.


The free version allows the user to list all of his or her tools online through their mobile phone. Once your inventory is installed, you can use the inventory for some really cool applications. First, by entering the email address of your friends or fellow workers, they can then see the tools you have available. Similarly, if they enter your address on this app, you can view their toolboxes, too. Viola! Now, you can easily see if someone has a tool available to borrow. Once you decide to let a tool be borrowed, you can enter the tool as borrowed by choosing that option under actions. This option includes a place to list the return date of the tool. The application will alert both of you when the tool is due by a message on your iPhone. Then, you can extend the time or arrange for the return of the tool. Once the tool is returned, going to the action area at the bottom of the screen will allow you to return the tool to your toolbox.


ShareMyToolBox allows users to check their inventory for the location of any tool. You can easily find if the tool is in your storage area or loaned out to a friend or co-worker. Toolbox owners can also mark tools that are not available for loan out. Plus, all persons who are attached to the application can see the locations of other tools. The location of the tools is assumed to be the location of the iPhone. The application uses color to indicate what is going on with your tools. Here is a list of the meanings behind the colors. It is simple to learn.


  • Blue – this tool is available to loan from other toolboxes
  • Yellow – this tool is available to loan from your toolbox
  • Gray – this tool is not available
  • Green – this tool is loaned out from my toolbox
  • Red – this tool is borrowed by you from another toolbox

Users of ShareMyToolBox can create a short tool borrowing agreement. This is helpful to prevent disagreements between friends and co-workers. Tools can be entered simply by their name, but providing more information such as a manufacturer gives you more search options when looking for a tool. Each tool is shown with a picture of that tool. Touching the arrow to the left of the picture with select that tool.

This application looks professional and worked flawlessly during our trial. It looks like it would be fine for personal use or a small business. If you buy the professional version, other features are available including GPS tracking of location and the use of bar coding to identify each tool.

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