Pacer – Get Pacer for your health management journey

by Sep 5, 20160 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Pacer Health Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use, simple
Negatives : none

The Pacer app is a simple to use app for any one who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The app is available as a free download from iTunes and at 102Mb does not take up too much space. It comes in various languages which makes it accessible to a large number of apple device users. Its backup option makes it quite convenient in the event a device is lost or stolen. Pacer has premium content that is paid for and for those who require a lot more for their health management journey the investment can be considered.

Pacer is represented by a runners shoe icon which is quite telling; this is an app for people who are keen on managing their health, actively. The app has a simple layout. Its colouring and simple straight forward language adds to its appeal. This app allows you to explore it with the ‘just curious’ option which gives the user the option to explore it before using it. It also has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that not only responds to typical questions with respect to its use and navigation of the app but also provides general information. This includes explanations on key metrics that the app users such as the recommended activity levels, calorie counts, blood pressure and BMI (body mass index) amongst others. The value of this interface is that it does not only provide definitions but also provides brief details on how these recommendations or metrics are arrived at and why these are used. Pacer makes references to the WHO (World Health Organisation) recommendations on calories, activity levels, BMI levels etc. which gives assurance that these are not randomly arrived at metrics or recommendations.

As with other health or weight management apps, one has to log in key personal information or metrics including height, weight and age amongst others. Users of Apple Health will appreciate the integration offered by the Pacer app through the syncing option. Pacer also provides an additional integration with MyFitness Pal which is a calorie and nutrition database. Users who may not already have or use MyFitnessPlan on their device would have to download it. Pacer allows users to integrate their health/weight management information by uploading or pushing the data to MyFitnessPal which then updates its calculations and programs. This is definitely a benefit and enhancement to the health/weight management journey.

Pacer is interactive and quite nifty because users can select their goals and identify or set up various programs that suit their goals or life style. The apps ability to track and update the users goals based on their activity on a daily or weekly basis is quite exciting. The app brings a community feel to it with is public page and social interaction interfaces. The Message Center gives the user access to the My Coach facility which provides personalised exercise and nutrition plans. The Message Center allows the user to create groups and receive invites to join groups. Users can create activity or ‘program’ groups with group goals and activities logged and personal progress tracked against these goals. Users can also post comments or notes and read other users’ comments, and track their followers and follow other users.

While the simple presentation of this app is appealing, it could do with a bit of ‘jazzing’ up. A dash more colour, vibrant ones for that matter, will do a lot to improve its overall ‘eye’ appeal. Avatars are always a welcome addition to any app but Pacer’s avatars are limited in variety and rather bland. A make over is definitely needed.

The Personal Coach is a good addition that gives a lot to look forward to but it takes an inordinately long time to launch, if at all, which takes away from the overall user experience. It is always important to understand other users’ experiences and while the overall comments are good, the noises around the apps customer care and support are quite telling and are reinforced every time one tries to have simple issues resolved.

Overall the Pacer experience is worthwhile and whether one goes for the standard or premium content, this app is a good addition to the health/ weight management journey. It is simple and straightforward to use. It does indeed track progress as it says it does and provides various options for the user. I would recommend it for any one who is keen to pace their way to healthy living.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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