PayWatch- Calculate Pay and Keep Track of Shifts

by Feb 10, 20130 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Mobilation PTY LTD
Rating : 4
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When you are working in a professional scenario, there are constant changes made to your work schedule. Things can get quite busy and tedious and keeping track of your shifts amidst all this hustle and bustle can get a bit hard. Nonetheless, you still have to keep updated about the latest changes in shifts. To make things easier for you, Mobilation PTY LTD has developed an iOS app PayWatch.

With PayWatch, it is quite convenient to keep track of shift schedules and your expenses too. The app is compatible with iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone with iOS version 5.0 or later. It works universally, irrespective of where you are working or of what post you hold. All it requires is some details and you are all set to enjoy some great benefits.

There is an inbuilt calendar within the app to track your shifts. Your monthly payment is also calculated by the app. The maximum number of jobs allowed is 3 at once. Every job that you enter requires a number of other inputs including weekend rates, normal hourly rates, loading rates, overtime rates and rates for public day and annual day leaves. The next thing to be done is creation of a shift, which needs a symbol, name, lunch time, working time, etc. Once the shifts have been created, you assign dates to them on your calendar. There are also facilities to calculate your weekly as well as monthly payments.

One feature that makes his app worthy is its user interface. Not only is it very simple, but is also extremely easy to use. You have to merely tap on the icon for each field, covering all its details. The pre requisite details have been looked into too. No manual arrangement is required to make differentiation easily. The home screen has three tabs for your three jobs

There is a wide range of kinds of the job patterns. One issue seen in this app is that the currency follows the standard of dollars. The app does not support other currencies besides dollars. This could be a little tedious while converting between different currencies to calculate payments. The app can do a lot but the tutorial is not very effective in conveying all of it to users who are beginners.

The PayWatch app is available for download on the App Store at a cost of 0.99. This is highly reasonable and worth giving a shot to it. The versatility of this app is quite a lot indeed. Its utility makes it sure worth the price. While it might seem a little painful to enter the data it requires in the beginning, it can really makes things a lot easier later, saving you many times this amount of time. With the busy schedule of the present workplace, spending five minutes to save half an hour is worth it and this app gives you that. It not only saves time but also a lot of trouble and pain. For the busy working individual, this app is almost a must.

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