Perfect Piano: Perfecting lessons in music

by Nov 17, 20140 comments

Genre : Music
Platform : Android
Rating : 4
Positives : Various modes and keyboards
Negatives : pop up ads

If you are a novice wishing to learn the piano but do not wish to spend on an actual one, then the Android app Perfect Piano would serve as the perfect alternative. It comes with a piano key simulator, allowing you to explore your skills and knack for the instrument. It features accurate arrangement of notes as in the standard piano, coming with full key support. The keys can be set as dual or single rows as per your convenience.


The aim of this app is to create a virtual learning environment, only with real sounds. It provides the ideal environment for learning by providing users with real time feedback as well. Developed by Revontulet, the app has more features than one can ask for from a free music app. It is compatible with all smartphone devices having Android 2.1 or higher.

The app gives one the feel of a full keyboard, simulating a real piano. It comes with support for multiple touch. There are 3 modes of gameplay- single row mode, dual row mode and two player mode. The single row mode is suitable for simple basic songs. However, if one would like to play more intricate music, the two row mode is better suited. The two player mode is a unique feature that allows two users to play simultaneously. Another unique mode is the Learn to Play mode where novices can avail tutorials. It comes with a library and preloaded songs that are updated each week. Users are allowed to browse the library and select a song of their choice for learning. The song collection is vivid, featuring famous songs like Hey Jude, Beethoven’s For Alice, a couple of Chinese tunes and a lot more. Some of the tracks are surprisingly easy to master.

There are numerous customization options to win your heart. Based on your preferemce, you can adjust the width of the piano keys. In addition to the three modes, there are 6 different kinds of keyboards available- Bright Piano, Music Box, Synth, Grand Piano, Rhodes and Organ. Not only is the key press detected but the pressure of the touch is also detected to give the most perfect sound. The keys are very responsive, so much so that they can be impressive at times.


Speaking of the simulation and user interface, both have been kept simple and functional. The execution is smooth and serves the purpose. On both smartphones and tabs, only a third of the complete piano is displayed at a given time on the screen. Due to size limitations on smartphones, the app is better suited for tablets instead. While a few ads are seen, they do not appear once you begin using the app, nor do they obstruct the piano learning experience. You can also download free songs from the app’s website.

The app might not attract music enthusiasts too much. However, it is excellent for learners or beginners. It will surely guide the users along the right path, giving them a direction for learning the piano. It saves them the trouble of having to visit the local music shop or classes to learn the same.

Good: Various modes and keyboards, multipoint pressure touch

Bad: A few ads that pop up are distracting at times

Worth Having Application –  Download the App