Ping – A Sincere Student of “Work-Ethics”

by May 6, 20150 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : Mac
Developer : BYTEPOETS GmbH
Rating : 4
Positives : nominal, neat & clean interface; simple-to-use
Negatives : none

Office, in one’s imagination, is the most sophisticated place where the elite class shares an exchange of thoughts at the highest level of etiquettes and formal expressions. But as I said, this is just an imagination and the reality is almost as different as the white-inside of a black coconut shell; the two are just contradictory in real life. A company office is not the quietest of place to work at, nor the most encouraging one and this can be a problem for a sincere student of ‘work-ethics’. You arrive early in the morning to devote your entire day to solving a problem that you couldn’t crack the last time or it may be a new puzzle each day. But if you’re being disturbed by your colleagues or interfered by the break-of-silence each time, it’s very much possible that you’d be returning back home empty handed tonight as well.


So if you want some more ‘space’ in your office space, you need Ping which is a new iOS app that has been developed by BYTEPOETS. The app is compatible with OS X 10.8 or any later version of the OS with a 64-bit processor.

Ping is very true to its name; it’s like a doorbell that doesn’t make a sound. So how will you get notified if someone wants to talk to you? It’s very simple actually. All you need to do is just ping someone if you want to see him at your desk. While ‘ping-ing’ someone, what you’re doing is pinning a note on his desktop about your request. Then the other person whenever finds out your ping will get to you. But in the process, you never disturb or distract him from his work and that’s why Ping is a clean and effective way of communication in an office space. You can contact any person sitting either next to you or even at a different floor. You don’t need to text him, you don’t need to call him; all you got to do is just “ping” him!

As easy it is to “ping” someone, it’s the same to get used to it. After installing the app on your system, the app automatically detects all the other systems in the local network and adds them to your list. So if there are some new additions to staff or there are some changes to the routine, Ping is always up for the challenge.

Ping has a very neat & clean interface with nominal art work and simple-to-use model. It works like a backstage artist who never gets the credit but you know how important it is for the front runners of the show.


The app is available for free in the App Store. So if you’re fed up with all the noise of your office, you don’t have to be a monitor of the class; just get this app installed now!

Pros: nominal, neat & clean interface; simple-to-use; silent messenger; no setup; free.

Cons: none.

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