Private Browser : New Level Online Security

by Mar 11, 20150 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 5
Positives : High levels of security
Negatives : none

Privacy is a cause of major concern today. Everyone needs their own private space which must not be tapped into whatsoever happens. As the need for security is increasing by the day, technology and innovation are getting together to satisfy customer needs. The iOS app Private Browser by Simplex Solution is the result of one such research. It is a new secure browser that has been developed for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, requiring iOS 7.1 or higher.


The app uses the best of technology to give you the highest levels of security. Integrated Proxy technology that makes use of various encryption methods enables high security. The browser additionally ensures fast connectivity and a design that is functional and neat.  With various methods of encryption, you can be ensured that absolutely no one can tap into your personal messages or emails, and also you can stay anonymous at all times.


The Private Browser provides high levels of online protection and reliability. It is known for being cost-effective, reliable and accessible. This app is especially suited to providing you security in public spaces such as WiFi hotspots. It keeps you anonymous and secure in such cases. All your online activity is made untraceable, leaving cybercriminals at awe. Hence, your private data is safe at all times.

Alongside being secure and safe, the browser comes with a host of customization options. This, combined with the easy to use user interface, the intelligent design and the host of available features, makes the app one of the best available in the market in its niche. While it focuses on online security, it does not lose out on any other aspects either.


There are a number of features that give this app an edge over others in its niche market. It has bookmarks history to help you save and mark your favourite sites. If you are browsing online, you can always switch to full screen mode. In terms of masking your identity, there is local protection as well as global protection. The server selection and positioning is anonymously done to keep you safe. Both input and output data are encrypted with highly secure algorithms. If you wish to browse private data, you can switch to the highly secure security mode from the standard mode. Other simple features like fast tab scrolling, clearing of all browser data, convenient tab bar make the app handy and useful.

To sum things up, the Private Browser by Simplex Solutions provides high levels of security that are hard to find else. There are a few ads from the app developers but nothing that will interfere with your normal work. Hence, that isn’t much of a trouble as such. It works well on all iOS devices, requiring 12.1 MB of memory space and iOS 7.1 or later versions. Despite being packed with so many useful features, it is completely free of cost! This is one app you must explore for sure.

Good: High levels of security through various encryption algorithms

Bad: None

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