Qtok – Be Confident to Translate

by Jan 22, 20170 comments

Genre : Travel
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : simple, easy to use
Negatives : none

What do you do for translating one language into another? My answer is simple. I’ll hire an Interpreter and carry him in my pocket. Is it a joke? Probably, it can be for you guys! But after reading this review, you will also reply the same answer just as I did.


The days are gone when people used to translate languages using an online translator or a software. In this new era of technology, everything depends on this small machine which you are carrying right now in your palms. This small mobile phone carries a lot of information in it and acts as a guide for you. When you visit another nation and don’t know their native language, then what’s the use of going there? You’ll not enjoy a little bit if you can’t mix up with other people. You need an Interpreter to help you in that situation. I have a solution for you to help in tackling with the situation called ‘Qtok’.

Qtok is one of the best translator apps on the market. Net Communications Lab Pte. Ltd developed this fantastic app. It requires you to have iOS 8.0 or any later version of your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


Qtok lets you to translate English into more than 40 languages with over 546 Interpreters. These Interpreters know different languages and are familiar with culture, history and beliefs of the people who live in other countries. The Interpreters are affordable in price and saves your time also. Software driven translators are less reliable as compared to Qtok. With Qtok you can do live chat with Interpreters and they can understand your humour or any context also which a machine can’t do. Isn’t it interesting?

The process of using Qtok is just simple and begins with a few clicks. You have to Sign In on Qtok and choose an Interpreter based on pricing, rating and country of residence. Whether you want to translate Business talks, medical conversations or deal with Legal situations. It can do everything for you. By picking up a right translator, you can start a conversation through instant messages, voice or a video. As there are real people who translates, there is no chance of disappointing you. You can translate your personal conversations also without hesitating.

If you are a good Interpreter too, you can also join as a translator also and start bidding and earn money. You can place an order for future translator also if you plan a trip or other business tour outside the country.

The platform of the app is pretty cool and highly defined. Once you get into it, you will be totally addicted.

Do you agree with my reply now? I am sure you do! Download it now and enjoy the features of Qtok and explore the world! You’ll not get a better opportunity than Qtok.

PROS: trustworthy; safe and secure; saves time and money; 546 translators with many languages; real interpreters; deals in any situation; join as a user or as a translator; free.

CONS: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App