Quokka – Create A Winning Culture

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Platform : Web
Developer : Quokka
Rating : 5
Positives : Even when working remotely or in a hybrid mode, Quokka significantly improves team performance and engagement.
Negatives : Nothing

Quokka is a robust cloud-based SaaS people management platform that ideally assists businesses in developing engaged and high-performing teams. You can create a winning culture with Quokka’s all-in-one people management platform. It is possible to improve team performance and engagement even when working remotely or in a hybrid mode.

Management of Performance

  • Align your employees’ performance with the success of the company.

Employee Involvement

  • Listen to your employees and recognize their efforts to foster a people-first culture.

Analyzing People

  • Remove all spreadsheets and replace them with data-driven insights.

Socialize With Your Co-workers

  • Celebrate the anniversary of your co-workers
  • Give your colleague a high-five and enjoy the special moments together.

Creating announcements and effectively cascading information across teams is effortless, even when everyone is remote. Learn about your manager and team members. An organizational chart that is appropriate for businesses of all sizes. Develop make a to-do list to help you stay organized. They assist you in getting all of your tasks on the to-do list so that you never miss an important deadline.

Goals Tracker and OKR

Get everyone in your respective firm on the same page. Align personal, department, team, and company goals and work together to achieve them. OKRs can be easily created, tracked, and managed. There will be no more spreadsheets or time-consuming processes. Quokka offers a simple interface to help you smoothly implement and manage OKRs regardless of where your teams are.

You can include goal setting in everyone’s game plan. Quokka integrates goal setting into your daily routine. Employees become more focused and engaged due to check-in, status updates, and progress tracking, and managers are always kept informed. It is possible to obtain actionable insights by measuring outcomes. You can track progress and identify roadblocks to address them before they become problems. Their adjustable visibility settings enable businesses to remain transparent while maintaining a high level of control.

Create Your Own Performance Review

You can make performance evaluations simple and easy. Also, create your ideal appraisal with the least amount of administration time. Experience ongoing growth discussions and maintain a unified view of 360° feedback to keep conversations flowing. Also, make your own performance evaluation. For best practice, develop your own appraisal scopes or use pre-built templates.

Final Thoughts

Even when working remotely or in a hybrid mode, Quokka significantly improves team performance and engagement.

Web App: Quokka – Create A Winning Culture