Rock Like The Pros – Best Guitar Music Lesson App

by Sep 22, 20150 comments

Genre : Music
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Terry Carter
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, screens, concept
Negatives : none

“ Lean your body forward slightly to support the guitar against your chest, for the poetry of the music should resound in your heart. ”

– Andres Segovia

” Rock – Like – The – Pros ” is an educational application, it provides a diverse approach to learning music. You can learn by your preference. Cause after all, music is all about your penchant.


The idea behind ” Rock – Like – The – Pros ” is to teach you the things that you want and need to know in order to become a better guitarist and musician. All courses are designed and are taught by “ master musician ” Terry Carter, who has almost 25 years of teaching, performing, and producing experience.

” Rock – Like – The – Pros ” basically separates the learning process into three key segments:

– Curriculum

– Styles, and

– Music Theory

Firstly, in the Curriculum section, it takes you through the step by step instructions for the beginning, intermediate, advanced, or expert level lessons. Secondly, you can learn by picking any music style or genre, be it rock, blues, pop, flamingo, jazz, finger style, strumming song, classical, bossa nova, funk or country! Lastly, for the more inclined towards the literary approach there is the Music Theory section where you can learn music reading, fret board harmony, chord construction, scale formulas and more.


Learn and adapt to the world of guitar and music. Learn by watching and then practice to improve. There are over 300 videos listed and regular additions of 3-5 new videos every week further sweetens the deal. You receive new content automatically, without having to manually update the application.

No other guitar app teaches you reading, chords, songs, rhythm, finger picking, blues, theory, etc. in such a well-rehearsed curriculum. With every example you also get a video lesson.

” Rock – Like – The – Pros ” started as a series of instructional guitar method books. The books have become a staple as the preferred textbook in many schools and colleges throughout the Los Angeles area including: Santa Monica College, Chaffey College, Pasadena City College, Cypress College, University of Southern California NAI Program, Crossroads, LA City College and Los Angeles City College.

To elaborate in just three words – Informative, eloquent and cheap. The very structure of the approach makes it very easy to understand and emulate the techniques. It’s full of info starting from the very basics and then gradually progresses. Even if you travel a lot, it makes it much convenient and easy for you to practice. Coupled with the book/CD series and Terry Carter’s golden and enriched experience, the app creates an environment to be desired.


Student Feedback:

  • “ The book provides easily digestible material in a well thought out pace. ” – Romeo J.
    • “ The diversity of this book helped me find which styles I really love playing. ” – Fred R.
    • “ Challenging. Just what I needed. Awesome material that teaches all the genres we need to know. ” – Jack M.

Overall it’s a “ delivers you more than promised ” app. You will learn the jargon of the music industry in no time, simply follow the app’s ingenious approach to teaching, which were specifically designed for guitar learners ranging from the beginning to advanced level.

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