roomlia – Lets Plan the Unexpected !

by Nov 27, 20140 comments

Genre : Travel
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Hotelmobi Inc
Rating : 5
Positives : compare features; pay the hotel
Negatives : None

Life is not planned; it’s unexpected. You never know what the next few seconds of your life will be. But an unknown turn isn’t always the wrong turn. Otherwise, the life will become so boring that even sleeping on a couch would sound “wild”. So going for a night out on a cold Sunday or a last minute trip to Las Vegas isn’t bad at all. But what’s bad is when you land up at the wrong hours and there’s no place for you anywhere. You’re chilling in the middle the street on the verge of becoming a snowman and now you’re regretting for your decision. That’s the most silly and frustrating part of the whole story. Just because of the last word, the whole punch line became whack! So if you want to avoid those last minute party bloopers, don’t be prepared. Get Roomlia!


I am talking about the latest iOS app called Roomlia that has been developed by Roomlia. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or any later version of the OS. This app has also been optimized for iPhone 5.


Roomlia is a very simple but effective app. There are no complex features that you have to take a time-out for to understand. It’s as easy and quick as ironing a handkerchief. The whole app is kind of a short-cut and there is no other long route that you might get into. Open the app, search for the available hotels around you, compare their prices, features, etc and whichever you like, book with a swipe. Isn’t that easy and quick? You can book at the very last moment, just when you’re about to enter the hotel. Moreover, you don’t have to pay when you’re booking. You can pay at the hotel itself. So that saves you from any miscalculation you might make at the instant of booking and if you don’t like the hotel, you can correct it.

When you’re searching for hotels, you can sort out the list according to popularity, fare or distance. You can even plot them all on the map so that you can decide which route to take because sometimes, a hotel which is far by distance is closer than the near one which is on the wrong side of the road. At the same list, a swipe will get you an insight of the hotel room service and help you measure the value of your money.


Last but not the least, Roomlia provides you the best prices available anywhere on the web. So it’s like buying the lottery ticket at the very last moment and still hitting the jackpot! What a great feeling it is! But what are you doing? You haven’t downloaded this app until now, have you? You don’t know where the next moment is going to take you. So let’s expect the unexpected and start enjoying it.

This app is available for free in the App Store.

Pros: intuitive UI; best prices; book at the last moment; compare features; pay the hotel; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App