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Genre : Productivity
Platform : Web
Developer : SERP PROXY
Rating : 4.5
Positives : easy to use, UI, simple
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What’s the most common search method that we use in our everyday life for searching any kind of query? Of course, it’s a Search Engine such as Google! We may not have an answer to a query, but Google knows everything. It will show the results related to your query such as images, documents, news, advertisements, quotes, etc. Moreover, the results are displayed in real-time and provide you information which is updated every second. Today, I’m going to review a leading search API provider, which enables you to scrape SERPs in the most easiest and reliable way!

SERP PROXY enables you to scrape search engine result pages in real-time. It provides you with SERP data, that are similar to the human search behavior. This API offers a lot more than the paid search results. As the results are in real-time so whenever there are new SERP types released by the search engines, we automatically add them to our Google search API as soon as possible.

SERP scraping has never been an easy task. But, SERP proxy made it possible to scrape SERPs in the most reliable way! You can try the Google Search API and use the API playground to simulate a search. It can handle any number of search requests and returns the parsed search result pages in a clean and easy-to-read JSON format. All the search parameters are available in the documentation of this API, this is demo only which is having a limited number of search parameters and their selectable values.

You know that scraping search engine result page (SERPS) is a time consuming and labour intensive process. It includes managing proxy-networks, dealing with captcha solvers, as well as parsing the results. All these tasks have to be done regularly, in order to keep a SERP scraper up and running. So SERP proxy is there to help you!

SERP API is powered by a strong infrastructure and provides you great performance to handle as many requests as you can! It offers access to the top-100 organic search results, as well as places, ads, rich snippets and all other Google search modules. It’s the fastest Serp scraping API in the industry, having strong servers with maximum speed. The results provided by the API are highly accurate and scalable.

Moreover, it enables you to obtain location based and geolocated search engine results.

Overall, Serpproxy is a fast and reliable website to make scraping easy and reliable.

You can Sign Up for a free plan forever and make 50 API calls per month and available so many other benefits for free.

So go for it now and use Serp proxy to build your application.

Pros: highly scalable; provide accurate results; easy to read JSON format; make SERP scraping easier; fast and reliable; free to use.

Cons: none.

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