SexyShake live wallpaper : Shake Your Hip with Hotties

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Platform : Android
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Have you ever been to the beaches of Barcelona? If not, then I guess that you have missed the ‘heaven on Earth’. You can find beaches all over the world, but the exotic beauty of Barcelona is not everyone’s share. You can fulfil all your fantasies there as you find some hot and sexy brunettes taking a sunbath or shower either in a two piece bikini set or not even that. So, it’s a very good place to visit with your girlfriend and enjoy the sea. But it’s not a regular job to visit Spain and since the time you visit it, you may need a companion to give you quite of same experience as that one. So, just open your Android phone and be ready to shake some booty with redheads.

I am talking about the new Android app, Sexyshake Live Wallpaper that has been developed by White and Light Production. See I’m not an encourager for these kinds of apps, but there is a kind of loneliness in one’s life if you don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend and being virgin is ‘not shameful but painful’. That’s why I’m reviewing this app for those mates looking for some pleasure without risk. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.2 or up.

This app though is sponsored as a Wallpaper app but is lot more than that. You will be very happy to hear that all the models appearing in the wallpapers have been exclusively video shot for this app by the developers. So, it’s not like other apps where you get wallpapers which are just downloaded from the web and stored at one place. Other than that, these are moving wallpapers; not just a standard posture. But what makes it even better is the interactive UI. When you rub a girl (you know what I mean), you are obviously to get some erotic reactions from her; the same rule applies here. When you rub the girl on the screen, she will tease you like a stripper. Also, if you want to see your girl shaking her hips for you, just shake the phone a little and she will do it for you.

There are many models being featured in the app. You can watch them all. Just double tap on the screen and your personal appointment with the next girl will be directly fixed. I must say that the app completed its objective very neatly and perfectly. The graphics are crystal clear and the app works very smooth when you rub the screen.

The app is available for $1.99 in the App Store. As I’ve already said, I won’t ask you to download this app for sure because it contains adult material and is not necessary rather “luxury”. But if you want to pass some pleasure time, do go for this one for sure.

Pros:exclusively shot models; beautiful graphics; smooth animations; many different models.

Cons: adult content.

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