ShareOn Music Player – Share Music and Share Joy

by Feb 7, 20140 comments

Genre : Music
Platform : Android
Developer : Spika Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : compatible to a numerous devices
Negatives : lot of battery as Wi-Fi connectivity is used

Music lovers can never have enough of their favorite music. Your phone memory limits the capacity of storage of your favorite music because there is lot more to store and whenever you want to listen to your favorite songs, you need to download it from internet or from the computer and then play it. However, with ShareOn Audio, you get complete liberty of playing songs directly on your mobile. This does not restrict you to your own PC but it allows you to get connected to any PC using the Wi-Fi connection. ShareOn Audio, presented by Spika Inc, is a unique app available at the play store for free which allows the user to play music without downloading.

The ShareOn Audio player connects you to Wi-Fi and allows you to play music in the PC on the audio player without download. So, it is not going to use up the space on your phone while providing you access to a larger stock of music and audio. You can play audio from computers where Wi-Fi connection is available and at the same time, play audio from your mobile phone. The app comes with folder browser, advance search, category sorting and much more which make it a convenient and efficient music player that is quite popular among music lovers now.



  • ShareOn Audio Player is not just a music player but it is a connector which allows you to play music from PC without downloading it to the mobile.
  • The app allows you to play iTunes music. Just press share iTunes music option and you will be able to play the songs.
  • There are varied play options such as shuffle and repeat in the music player and you can do multitasking even when the music player is operating.
  • The app supports DNLA and you can easily see the DNLA device without having a specific setting for the same.
  • The app allows the user to browse folders and sort music according to the songs, albums and singers.
  • You can search the song you are looking for and the auto complete method of search will let you know when the search is over.
  • You can not only browse content in your mobile but also browse content from the remote device at a high speed.
  • You don’t need to convert any file as all files that are android supported can be played on your mobile.
  • The app support windows XP, window 7, Smasung smart tv, LG and other devices that support DNLA. Other android phones with android GB, ICS, +720P and more are supported.
  • The app requires android 2.3 or later and the version 1.1.09 has added features such as moving songs through swipe, share feature and more.

Summary: ShareOn is a Wi-Fi audio player which provides full access to the PC or any other connected device and allows the user to play song directly without the need to download.

Good: The App is compatible to a numerous devices and a lot of systems which is quite good for a Wi-Fi app.

Bad: The app uses up a lot of battery as Wi-Fi connectivity is used.

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