Shryne : iPhone App Review

by Feb 1, 20160 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Shryne Ltd
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, privacy
Negatives : none

Would you want to see your partner after a break up? The answer is definitely a NO. Most of the people would not like to meet and see their partners after a breaking up. However, introduction of new applications does the opposite by coming up with scrapbook which comes online bringing back all your memories. Shryne is one of such application that brings you close or archives every part of past back into your scroll on your mobile.


The best part of the app is that it helps keep those memories you treasure with style till that time you need to refresh yourself with again. To help you deal with those memories which bring back pain in your life, Shryne has a freezer that will help in hiding those for a period of a year or for that period of time you are able to face them. Shryne app is designed to create what has come to be known as, “beautiful archive’ which targets the social media conversations with the inclusions of emails, hangouts history, the photos of Facebook and those messages from twitter.


The App makes it easy for one to open those main breakups or top secret in an easy and private means. The Shryne app synchronizes data or information arising from the entire social media or your friends and comes up with the best way of reminding you.

Key Features of Shryne App:

  1. Personal Analytics 

The app is vested with a wholesome communication log that presents you with new insights, so as to ensure every archive has some relevance. Your personal reactions are analyzed and saved for a later date or time. Your key relationship with others is analyzed over certain period of time. One insight is used to determine your mode of communication metrics. Communication insights which have been recorded over some period of time are collected on one library so as to communicate one thing.


  1. High level of privacy and secured 

Shryne app is secure to use and has a high level of privacy. Your log history cannot be logged into easily by anyone. The app is designed to uphold high level of security and trust. Have the app as one of your safe digital library, where there is no access into easily. The use of cloud computing is the reason behind the high level of security. All data information is secure from all the third parties. It is encrypted in a manner that the servers are powerfully set that no intruder can’t access.

  1. Subscription Types 

Shryne app is one of the apps that are made easy for one to download. Once you have most of the archiving and analysis features you can upgrade to the Shryne plus app. You can use you iPad and it is simple to use as it is fitted with user friendly interface. The app is free and can take up to 10 archives with a space of 250 MB space. The prices of the app vary according to the location and it is charged on your iTunes account.

Final thought 

Own, live and share the new way of bringing back memories with Shryne App. Compatible with your phone and you can walk with it to any location you like.

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