SketchStorm – Brew Ideas from Your iPad

by Jul 21, 20120 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : iPad
Developer : Yang Li
Rating : 4
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Whenever you participate in a sales presentation as an engineer or as an entrepreneur or even as an advertiser, the words “show me what you mean” hits us when we put forth a new idea. SketchStorm is an application developed by the Ontario based company InsightBet Art of Technology, that helps overcome this issue. This app helps in expressing or explaining ideas visually through its numerous tools that compose all our thoughts into sketches, graphics, architectural designs etc. A simple inspirational quote can give birth to a brilliant idea  which, if properly nurtured can be truly life-changing! SketchStorm seeks to achieve the simple goal of effectively nurturing and fostering these life-changing ideas.

Features & Benefits

SketchStorm is a stunning brainstorming application with different kinds of visualization tools. It is compatible with the iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or a later version. The most alluring feature is that the application can be customized in a User Interfaces and Global Positioning System that enable users to decipher and grasp complex information and ideas easily and efficiently. The application is available for purchase in the iTunes App Store and is priced reasonably at $0.99. The application is beneficial in various ways such as:

                •  It helps in making others completely understand any different or novel concepts and ideas quickly and effectively.

•  The customized GPS helps to track down and map the place or object from where the inspiration for the idea was derived from.

•  The application features an in-built camera which is useful to take quick snapshots of portraits and scene targets created by the user.

•  The application opens almost instantaneously and users do not have to wait for it to download and start. This feature saves a lot of time.

•   It also has a Retro Designer Color Palette that enables users to add color to their black and white ideas and images. This is a very attractive feature that cartoonists and advertisers can leverage to enjoy simple and effective benefits.

•  The application also has photo editing tools that enable users to pick photos from their albums and perform various manipulative tasks on it to create variations of the same.

•  The biggest benefit is that the app allows to “Undo” your actions for an unlimited number of times, as every image created is saved in its memory. This feature provides a wider scope for creativity.

•  All the illustrations done on the app can be saved as JPG or PDF files and can be easily shared with others as well.

•   It is of great use to different groups of people such as entrepreneurs, architects, interior designers, visual artists, graphic designers and for all drawing and painting enthusiasts.


Good: The SketchStorm is a brilliant application to give a tangible form for the great ideas that are brewing in our minds!

Bad: The only drawback is that it is compatible only with the iPad and it would be great if an Android friendly version is developed and introduced for the benefit of the Android community.

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