Smart Alarm Clock: Christmas Songs- Packed Bedroom Features

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Platform : iPad | iPhone
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Smart Alarm Clock is an app that has been packed with bedroom features that will make your sleep hours better. It combines a number of devices on your iOS device. It is very reliable, simple and easy-to-use so that you get the best of your sleep.

This app has an excellent and delightful role as a white noise machine. Most people in the urban environment cannot relax themselves adequately and may not get sleep very easily with the busy outside world intruding on their peace. In these tough times, white noise machines produce soothing sounds so that you can relax your mind and body and get a sound, peaceful sleep. They lull you to sleep with calming sounds by blocking out all the hustle bustle of city life and relaxing you thoroughly. This app comes with 20 audio tracks including ‘Perfect Girl’, ‘Beach and Seagulls’, and many more. To make things better, you can even play songs from a playlist on your iPod.

You can set the track that you want in order to fall asleep and the one you wish to hear early in the morning as it wakes you up. There is also the option of adjusting the duration of the track and its volume to your optimum level. If you get bored of the built in tracks, then you can add songs from your own collection as well. While there are many other apps that have smart clocks and white noise machines, Smart Alarm Clock is one of its kind that puts the two devices together into a single app.

This is not all the app is about though. Smart Alarm Clock also comes with a sleep monitor. All you need to do is to set the sensitivity of the device, sleep face down onto your bed and just make sure that you do not roll over the device. The next day, you will see an elaborate recording of the sleep disturbances you went through and what your sleep cycle was like that night. It might seem a little hard at first to not roll over your device but you get used to it sooner than you think.

You can use the record of your sleep analysis to deduce a lot of things. For one, you can check out if you snore in your sleep, and if you do, then you can seek out remedies for it. At times, you are unaware of noises during the night that might unknowingly be affecting your sleep adversely. With this app, you can track these noises and work on them. If nothing else, you can consult your doctor with this information and get expert advice about your sleep.

As you monitor your sleep cycle with this app, you can set your alarm such that it wakes you at the right point in your sleep cycle so that you wake up completely refreshed to the sound of your favorite tune. You can sleep just enough for your mind and boy to get adequate rest and ensure that you go to sleep soothed with the white noises and wake up to begin your day with a refreshing tune too. Also, there are 15 popular Christmas songs available for free to greet in the Christmas holiday season.

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