Sparrow Lite – Powerful Email Application for Mac

by May 28, 20120 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : Mac
Developer : Sparrow SARL
Rating : 5
Positives :
Negatives :


Sparrow Lite is an Email application for the Mac. You might be thinking why I will need an extra email if Mac OSX has provided me with the default mail application. Sparrow Lite is a lightweight mail application with the basic features that allows you to read your emails more comfortably and in a relax manner. It has a tabbed interface where the emails will be shown on the left and your detailed email shown on the right.

You can easily access your inbox, favorite emails, drafts, trashed and sent emails with just one click. Clicking on the respective icons will trigger the function you want. It is that simple and straightforward. The application is also provided as an iPhone application you can download easily on your iTunes. One advantage of this mail application is that it allows you to use font that exists on your Mac. This allows for some customization of certain emails you need to send to your friends or colleagues. You can also customize your writing direction and indentation of your text in your emails. Some of the functions I can find in Microsoft Word, I can also find in this email application. For example, I can check the spelling and grammar mistakes in this software.

Checking for mistakes in my emails before I send them out gives me an assurance that my emails will not be a laughing stock when that someone receives my email on the other end. I just tried to access my Gmail on Sparrow lite and I can say it is a pleasant experience, as I know where to click. Having a great interface is a start to having a software application that anyone will want to use.

The application is free for download on the Mac App Store. You can try it out before buying the full version. The lite version works like you expect it to work. I did not find any serious limitation that prevents me from sending out my emails.

One disadvantage that I can think of is that the application appears as window mode when you start it. It cannot go full screen. You can however choose the Zoom mode to show the window. If you want it to reduce in size, you need to click on Zoom mode again.

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