Stay Up To Date With Your Tasks With Orderly

by Feb 22, 20150 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : screens, concept
Negatives : none

If you are one of those who have updated to iOS 8 then you are getting access to a whole new world of iTunes apps which are interactive as well as efficient in handling your day to day work. One of those day to day jobs is maintaining the ‘to do list’ and setting reminder for certain works. There are several things we tend to forget in our busy schedule. In can be submitting an important document in the office or it can be purchasing a gift for the loved one or anything else. ITunes now has a solution to this. Orderly is an app that manages your lists makes your schedule and provide you reminder on time.


Orderly, presented by Tekton Technologies is an app that does not only set your work schedule but also set them according to the priority you choose. So you know what to do and what to do first. The app runs on cloud sync feature which means you can sync several data which are there in the dropbox. You can directly undo a completed item and that will be removed from the cloud server.


The location based reminders can be set so that when you reach the location, you don’t forget to do the job. The Apple’s bookshelf metaphor is used to display the jobs so that you get a list of summarized job without a requirement of opening each of them.

The app Orderly is really quite easy to use. I found the gesture driven operating system quite appealing about the app. There are some jobs that you need to do on daily basic and those jobs come under recurring job list and displayed to you in regular interval. What matters most is that the interface is so easy to understand and use, that anyone can use it easily. When you input the details of the reminder to be set, it is also done quite quickly due to the clean interface.


The gestures are quite simple to remember; pinch in order to zoom, swipe to right in order to mark a task completed while swiping again to the right will undo the task. In case you swipe left, the task will be deleted. Long press or drag and drop gesture can be used to change the priority of a job. There are other features that you will learn as you start using the app.

Orderly is a paid app that is available for $0.99. It is a onetime fee that is enough to use the app as long as you keep it on your device. The app version2.8 required 16.6 MB space on your device. It takes iOS 8.0 or later to run it and it is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

Good: The location based reminder feature of the app is simply awesome. If you are near a place where you need to do some work, the app will not let you forget.

Bad: There is nothing wrong reported about the app as of now.

Worth Having Application – Download the App