Tangram – Must Have Mobile Browser

by Sep 3, 20150 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : Android
Developer : LATERAL SV INC
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use
Negatives : none

Tangram is a very effective browser that is supported by devices with an android operating system. Tangram is used by  many people from all over the world ranging from professionals, casual mobile users to knowledge workers. Tangram is a very efficient android mobile browser that is highly rated because it gives the users a special ability to maximize the productivity of his or her mobile phone and also because it reduces the browsing effort and time. Tangram is an application that was designed and offered by Lateral SV,INC. The latest update of Tangram was released on august 25th 2015.


Tangram generally gives the user a very good environment for browsing on his or her mobile phone. The browsing experience is far much awesome when compared to pc browsing. The browsing experience is also very convenient compared to other android mobile phone browsers. The designer of Tangram ensured that this android mobile browser was optimized to give the user a productive experience that is convenient regardless of the time or the place. This android mobile browser has been considered to be far much fast and effective by many people from all over the world.


Tangram gives you a superb opportunity to explore, browse, and search everything that you want. The browser also gives you a chance to explore multiple links at the same time which is not the case in other android web browsers. Tangram also ensures that no actions are wasted and no context is lost throughout the browsing period. The browser also has a very special automated aspect that enables the user to use the least amount of time possible when browsing. Tangram also has numerous tools and actions that help the user to capture, highlight, annotate or even group websites and browsing sessions to your favorable needs and objectives. You will always make the most from the information you get from the websites. Tangram is also a very unique browser because it is designed in a way that enables you to save and store all your browsing sessions. You also get an opportunity to always continue from where you left and also start new browsing sessions without altering the saved sessions.


Tangram has numerous key features that include; swap based UI, tabs, link handling and FAB among other key features that make this browser amazing and effective. The new version has reduced the size of the application, now supports file-downloads, has improved website previews and some bugs have been eliminated among other new features.

Tangram has very beautiful graphics that will always please the eyes of the user. The browser also has a very attractive interface that has been integrated with beautifully-made themes. Tangram also provides a very quick service email that enables the users to always comment or ask questions from the developers.

Any person can download Tangram from Google Play in the shortest time possible. All you need is a free memory of 9.5 MB in your android device. Tangram is a mobile application that does not slow down the operations of your phone-you should therefore ensure that you download it and also encourage your friends and family to download it too.

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