Tasker: To do List : Best way to Organize Work !

by Dec 21, 20150 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Vacata Ltd
Rating : 5
Positives : easy to use, navigation
Negatives : none

Management of time is an important aspect of life. With the quickly changing world there are many options available to people for managing their time in the best way possible. Earlier people were required to create elaborate time tables and work schedules, there was also a trend of carrying a notebook and pen for jotting down any relevant information during the day. Tasker comes with a number of facilities which has made the usage of notebooks obsolete and soon people will only use them as an authentic item instead of a functional one.


Although the technology has fared a lot of differences bringing people closer many times the advantage of communicating at will backfires due to wrong timing. People vary in their moods throughout the day and their availability also shifts accordingly. Tasker is a perfect for iPhones which helps people manage their schedule and arrange it as required at any moment. People can choose to dedicate a time to call someone or set up a meeting and be reminded of the event on their Apple Watch.

Features (Pro’s):

Tasker puts the user’s schedule and tasks on the palm of their hand. These tasks can be arranged and shared easily on any other Apple device such as iPad or iPod. The user has great customizability features to arrange the tasks according to their relevance and urgency. He or she can mark various tasks with different colors to indicate their importance. Any additions to the Tasker are automatically arranged in the chronological order regarding when the task will happen irrespective of when it is entered by the user.


People have the option of compiling various tasks belonging to a single project or event under a subsection using Tasker. This is often used by people to segregate their work and home related tasks simply using their iPhone. People who have too many tasks at hand do not have to worry as they can filter the tasks using various fields provided in the app. People can also attach information including photos, links, maps, videos etc. with a task, this serves the function of making notes relating to a certain task in the traditional sense. People can keep their schedule updated and retrieve it from anywhere using their Facebook or Twitter account. Tasker comes with an inbuilt support for location sensor and hence people can choose to be reminded of various tasks depending on the location. This feature proves to be of great use when people have to simply visit a location to pick-up or drop-off something at a certain location. For tasks which are on a daily basis or occur regularly, people can choose to customize them so that they are automatically added to the schedule similar to a repeat function of alarms.


There is also a widget which notifies the user for tasks which are happening today so that people don’t have to view their to-do list again and again. Tasker is a small app which does not use much resources while running on the iPhone. Only cons or drawbacks of Tasker app is that it may use extra battery while using the internet and GPS but the user has the option to disable these features when not in use. Overall, Tasker is the best app for creating and managing to-do lists on your iPhone with ease.

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