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Whether you are a small businessman or an international trader, if you want to grow big, you need to get a group of people to work with you. All these people need to contact each other regarding different documents and projects. All modes of communication like emails, phones, messages, etc. are normal now but not much reliable for effective development of the organization. It is better to use one handy application that can replace all of them and at the same time, save time and expenditure as well.

TeamWox is a business management tool having features of CRM software that allows the user to collaborate more easily within a network. With Doc-flow, you can upload any document on the system and then, the document is accessible to all the members working on that document. All of them can work on it simultaneously and there is no need to wait for the ‘final version’ from your colleague. In conditions of addressing an issue to the entire staff or organization in different countries, TeamWox Groupware comes handy with IP PBX phone system that enables instant discussion and feedback.

One of the most important applications of this app is its Customer Relations Management. You can keep track of all the deals with a client and add all the related details on one place in the system. So that, whenever that client calls back, you are ready with the services that the customer might be looking for looking at the relationship so far. The app also offers email integration and tools for importing contact lists to the system.

However the software is way better than most of the traditional CRM software due to its wide range of collaborative features, there are still some barriers that prevent users to adapt to this version. It is not an efficient marketing tool. First, it takes a lot of time to import your data to the software from your previous applications. Second, it does not allow you to expand your contact information via links to the social networking profiles of your clients. Also, the reports and graphics are out dated and must be updated similar to most other top ranked software.

The app comes in free, trial and paid versions. While the free version is available forever up to 10 users, the trial version provides you subscription to the fully-functional version up to 2 months for free. The paid On-Premise version comes a price of $3400 for up to 25 users. A SaaS version is also available which enables the user to open his/her accounts from anywhere in the world and doesn’t require any software installation.

We liked the app. It is much better than just CRM software and allows better workflow and task management within the organization and helps you better your Customer Relations. It has already been ranked among the top 10 CRM software. But it lacks in the reporting and marketing field and needs to upgrade its features to move further in the list.

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