The world is your stage. Reach the world wide audience with your voice.

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Platform : Android | iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4.8
Positives : A wonderful platform for the music lovers
Negatives : Nothing

Veereo App

Cut through the noise

Veereo is a one-stop shop for unsigned artists that want to be seen, heard, and loved. Our platform brings together everything a music artist needs to be successful: competitions, collaborations with other artists, and live streaming on a global scale.

Connecting with fans

Veereo makes it easy for artists to get social. They can share their music on all major streaming platforms, build connections, and grow their fan base with the help of our ranking system that only promotes the best of the best.

No more waiting around

All connections happen instantly — no need to wait for anyone else’s permission or cooperation! The Veereo platform has been designed as a self-sufficient ecosystem where an artist’s success is determined by his or her own merits only.

What features does Veereo have?

Veereo is not just another social network, but an all-in-one multimedia entertainment platform that focuses on music. It’s the perfect solution for unsigned artists who are looking to build their fan base

Why use Veereo?

The answer is simple: because it offers unmatched opportunities for performers. You can become a member of an online global community of artists, take part in competitions or collaborate with other performers and release your own original music. All this with our live streaming feature!

Veereo is the newest, breakthrough platform built for unsigned artists. It’s the only all-in-one multimedia entertainment platform that focuses on music artists that want to establish themselves and reach out to a wider fan base by participating in competitions, collaborations, and live streaming performances!

Are you an unsigned artist that feels limited by today’s most popular video-sharing platforms? We get it!

YouTube is so cluttered with uploaded videos that it’s almost impossible to stand out. Tik Tok and Triller let you gather followers in a time consuming manner. Sound Cloud only lets artists share their talent via audio tracks.


Veereo is the first multimedia platform to bring live, virtual competitions to the market.

Live stream performances

Stream your music performances live and users/artists can view, cast votes, make comments and create buzz.

Promote and book performances!

Other features:

Upload pre-recorded and live stream performances. Cast votes, make comments and create buzz for artists’ videos. Easily find artists to collaborate with!

Join the massive Veereo stage where you can bring your music to the world! Participate in competitions, upload music performances and book gigs—and create buzz for your music! The best part? You can do more of what you love directly from your home.

Take Away

Every artist has a story to tell, and with Veereo, you’re in charge of your own narrative and how you want the world to hear it. Download Veereo and join a community where artists can make their music heard and make connections!