Three Defenders (free)- Highly Addictive Defender Game

by Jul 2, 20140 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : Solid Games Studio
Rating : 4
Positives : Unlimited options with 58 levels
Negatives : Limited access in Free version

Everyone needs some action and entertainment in life. Three Defenders, an Android app is here to provide exactly that. It is a defender type game packed with action and thrill. If you need to kill some time, then this app is just what you need. In this game, you are an enthusiastic adventurer on a search for gold. The lust for it acts as your driving force. While on your path, you encounter some villagers that savage monsters are raiding for shiny coins and blood. You make a pact with the villagers to defend them in return for gold. This is where the fun begins.


To begin with, you have to choose one among three characters- Mage, Engineer and Ranger. Each of these is unique in its own right, providing a different gameplay with a unique set of weapons and abilities. Ranger works on your passive skills, focusing on one attribute at a time. With this character, you play against yourself time and again in order to better your various skills. Mage, on the other hand, is more interactive and demanding. This character works by casting strong spells. Engineer is more of a jack of both trades.

This Android app is available free of cost. If you really wish to make your mark in the game, there are turrets that you can buy and upgrade in order to help you defend the castle at your best. There is an array of 59 weapons to choose from. Also, you can select among 28 skills to buy and upgrade from the Google Play Store. Armed with all this, you have to fight 31 monsters, each powerful in their own right. The challenges and fun is never-ending.


As a defender of the villages, you must take on this onerous responsibility and give it all you got. There are 58 levels in the form of individual villages, each unique and progressively difficult. To add to the adventure, each level has 5 different waves in store. As you defend a village, the next one is unlocked for you. Also, there is no specific direction that you have to follow. The options are indeed unlimited.

The design of the game indeed deserves a mention. There are 6 different environments, each having unique music played in its background. This sets the mood for the game better and helps you get more immersed in it. Once you begin playing, each successive level will see you more hooked to the app. As a downside, the app is addictive, keeping you glued to your Android device.

With an engaging and enterprising storyline combined with good implementation and design, Three Defenders indeed stands out among other defender apps in its niche. It boasts of good graphics and excellent gameplay, living up to what it promises. It scores highly on creativity. The free version of the app gives users a preview into the app and is restricted on certain features. Interested users can go ahead and purchase the app to enjoy its full version. If defender games are your cup of coffee, Three Defenders is the ideal app for you.

Good: Unlimited options with 58 levels

Bad: Certain features are restricted in the free version.