Traffik Lite – Give a Green Signal for Project Management

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Project Management traffik lite software assist you in completing your project tasks in time and it assists you to keep track of project tasks with a proper resource run rate. Traffiklite is one such application which is completely platform independent. It’s a browser based project management tool which can be easily accessible from any operating system. You don’t need to download or install any software to access this tool. If you have a browser you are all set to enjoy the features of this tool. Traffiklite has a simple user interface which allows you to efficiently manage the project tasks easily. You don’t need to be technically expertise in-order to use this tool. User controls are designed to be very simple and easy to manage tasks resource vise.

Traffiklite has an add button, using which you can create a project by clicking add project button or you can add some users using Add users button and you can give the users access to the projects. While adding project you can specify a project name, assign an owner to project, add comments and set a time line. Any time you can edit the project details or change the owner or assign more users or change the deadlines. You have a calendar button using which you can track the project deadlines. Select any date and you can find what are all the projects/tasks are due and pending. You have a button to manage the user details, where you can add users or remove users or you can select a particular user and identify the projects/tasks assigned to him. An overview button allows you to keep track of the change history you have done in the tool so far.

It has a compact view and a comprehensive expand view to give complete details about the project. The projects can be tracked easily in two different views. Sign view is a view which allows you to track projects and allows you to expand and compress views. List view is an option to keep track if lot of projects at a same time. The projects are sorted in the order of due date so that the shorter due dated project/task will appear in the top for easy tracking.

Traffiklite has an indicator feature which gives a quick look at the status of the project. You can select green signal for successfully ongoing projects, If any project is on hold then you can turn the signal to red. If you need some attention you can change the signal to yellow. If you need an immediate attention then you can double click the yellow light which will start blinking to let everyone that it needs immediate action.

The user who has access to a project is allowed to make comments on the project which will be notified through email to all the users associated to the project. You have option to upload any file and you have option to share the link of uploaded file through email.

On the Whole traffiklite is a simple project tracking tool to keep track of project schedules and manage the users and files associated to the projects. Comparatively this tool has very less features than that of the competitors. This tool can be enhanced well with more features like report generation, resource tracking, automatic task scheduling, etc.

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