Travel Budget App – Expense’s Under Control

by Jul 21, 20130 comments

Genre : Lifestyle | Travel
Platform : iPhone
Developer : Gerasimov Philipp
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Pros: intuitive UI; 88 different currencies with dynamically updated exchange rates; customizable categories; discounted price.
Negatives :

While travelling is a passion for one person, it is a job for another. But in both the cases, the person must know how much money he has in his/her bank account and must plan the expenses before taking the first step. When touring with family, there are high chances that the budget will overflow and therefore the head must be known each and every little penny spent. Keeping the bills in your wallet doesn’t help it because all the time what you do is keep adding them again and again and meanwhile miss the actual fun for which you had come so far. In business travels, it’s likely to happen that the company pays you half the total expenses and expects you to pay the remaining half and reimburse them later when you come back with the bills. So it becomes necessary for you to keep all the receipts alive and in a good condition.

I don’t know about the history of this developer, but I guess that he must have worked hard before for some company and that’s where the idea came from. I am talking about Gerasimov Philipp, the developer of the new iOS app called Travel Budget App. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 6.1 or later. It has also been optimized for iPhone 5.


The app helps you to categorize your different expenses like food, transportation, room rent, etc. and store them separately so that you may know how much you spent for a particular item. Then, securing your bills is another task that this app does magnificently. Just take photos of your bills and receipts and attach them to the corresponding expense in the app. So now you’ll have proof for every single bill without any need of the hard copy. Also, you can export your bills to CSV or PDF files and take out a print out for office use. Sending these converted files and images via Email is also an option.

The app supports a total of 88 different currencies with dynamically updated exchange rates. This is pretty helpful in case of international tours. There is another feature which might be useful in case you don’t remember the actual location where a particular bill belongs. The app has an integrated map and you have to just tag your billing location on the map so that every time you want to see a particular bill, you can see the tagged location as well.

The UI of the app is very intuitive and easy to get used to. You can anytime check out any of your previous tours and see and edit every detail. Adding expenses and calculating them is a fun with Budget Travel App. Great news is that it is currently available at a big discount of 65% for $0.99. So just go ahead and catch one before the offer lasts out!

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