truTrainer : Your Fitness Trainer

by Mar 2, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : My Gym Team LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : unique plans, personal trainer, easy to use
Negatives : none

Consumers are making their choice when it comes to their brand in the tech industry. This review will cover the basics behind truTrainer, which has become a popular entry on to the market. It has a comprehensive approach to fitness and personal health. Fitness coaching is up for debate as new techniques unfold. Downloading an application will give dieters new takes on their health. The truTrainer application is one of a few that have captured the attention of dieters everywhere. It has been designed explicitly for use on the iphone or ipad. Fortunately, it is reasonably simple to access and employ the app as needed.


New Coaching Techniques:

Fitness coaching has long made the different in whether people meet their goals. They can collaborate with their trainer via messages sent through their mobile device. But this app can also provide much of the coaching on its own. This will give dieters a leg up when it comes to pushing them towards dropping pounds quickly. Learning to use the application is relatively simple and intuitive. Features can be accessed with a simple touch of the screen. The developers have ensured that the application can be downloaded online and set up in just a moment’s notice.
Getting updates on progress will keep people in the loop when it comes to meeting fitness goals. By using truTrainer, people can take the initiative and plan out their own success strategy. This is a novel concept that appeals to the sensibilities of independently minded dieters. They can plan out progress and keep themselves headed towards a new stage in their development. There are challenges involved with any major fitness program, but this app will simplify them. It can provide realistic information on how anyone may be progressing towards their goals. This is useful for those who want an objective take on their goals as stated.


How The Application Is Used:

At the core of the app is the 1-to-1 approach it takes towards fitness development. Every user will have their own unique plan to get in better shape. Users need to input some information to keep track of how far they have come up until this point. It takes diligence to track information during the initial stages of a given fitness program. But dieters can do themselves a favor by tracking their weight, Body Mass Index and performance on other standard tests. The truTrainer app can use this information to direct people towards the right fitness plan.

There are social media extensions available within the truTrainer framework. This will add to the functionality of the application and get it ready for use. Social media invites are a great way to spread the word about how enjoyable it is to build on the basic framework. Despite the 1-to-1 approach, there are some group oriented features on the app. Users can share data on their progress and use text messaging to give out fitness tips. The iPhone app itself will generate information that will encourage people to take vital steps on their fitness journey.

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