Try out Ketogenic Diet in the Best Manner with KetoDiet

by Feb 1, 20140 comments

Platform : iPad
Developer : Compumaster Ltd
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Innovative Planner and cool app
Negatives : None

The urge to lose weight has always been high for those who are overweight but in most of the cases people fail in their diet regime for one reason or another. The major reason why people cannot follow the diet is that they don’t have a planner and a tracker to track and plan the progress during the diet. In many cases, the diet is too hard to follow and you are not guided with the right recipes which you can take during the diet. KetoDiet is an app in the iTunes store that will not only guide you to the ketogenic diet but will also track your progress.

Ketodiet, presented by Compumaster Ltd, is an iPad app that comes with a lot of features and a lot of benefit for the people who are about to follow a diet for weight loss. The diet is rich in fat and has adequate protein but the carbohydrate content is quite low. This diet is not only good for losing weight but it is quite effective as a healthy diet. The risk of heart disease, cancer and other diseases decrease with such a diet. The app shows you how to prepare some healthy and yummy recipes with the help of allowed ingredients and it will also keep a track of your weight so that you can actually understand the progress and stay motivated.



  • Ketodiet is an app made for iPad and it is a guide to Ketogenic diet that is rich in protein and fat but low in carbs.
  • The diet contains no sugar, no white potato, no harmful oil, no grains, no additives, no artificial sweetener, and nothing that can harm your body.
  • The diet also provides diary free options and the recipes are mostly paleo friendly. Even if the recipe is not paleo friendly, it will provide you paleo friendly suggestion.
  • The diet is made for people who want to live healthy and thus the planning of the diet is such that it contains only 5-10 grams of carbohydrate per serving.
  • You can plan your diet chart by adding items from the menu. You can add snacks to the planner and also search restaurant meals that will be suitable for you. You can set the carb limit and the diet will be chosen accordingly.
  • The nutritional fact for every recipe is included in the diet.
  • You can check your progress and keep yourself motivated throughout the process. You can check body weight and fat, measurement of your body, and all the macronutrients.
  • The diet contains 65 low carbohydrate recipes and you can get even more, free of cost from the blogs.
  • There are in app purchases in the app and the app cost is also reduced.
  • You just need to enter the daily carb limit along with body weight and the app will do its calculation.
  • The app version 6.4 is available for iOS 5.0 or later.

Summary: KetoDiet is an app for iPads that provides recipes and planner for Ketogenic diet and also helps people plan their diet in the customized manner.

Good: The planner is cool and the chart for measurement is quite innovative.

Bad: The app has been loved by all and the recent version has rectified all the previous errors.

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