TryAround: Innovative Fitness App Review

by Aug 27, 20170 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : TryAround App Ltd
Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, simple
Negatives :

TryAround is a new iOS app which is simply great for those who want to keep their weight under control or are passionate about fitness and healthy living goals. Diets and challenging fitness activities are known to be practiced by some people, but even they fail to show the desired results in absence of a long-term plan and detailed day-by-day activity counter. And this is exactly where TryAround comes to fill the gap, providing a quality interface and an ingenious tracker in order to help weight loss enthusiasts with their goals. These are the main features of this app.


– Calorie Counter and Activity Monitoring

This app can tell you exactly how many calories each activity burns per hour, regardless of whether you are into biking, trekking, or swimming. All the user needs to do is to select the duration and desired activity, and the app will automatically calculate the amount of calories consumed through it. Moreover, it can provide you with a neat calorie counter which is created by using data from Apple Healthkit (it helps having an Apple Watch), and tells you exactly if the plan has been met or what needs to be done further in this regard. The app even provides month-vs-month and day-vs-day calorie burn comparison.

– Detailed graphs and personal workout planner

TryAround provides a detailed graph of the calories consumed on a monthly basis, which stretches from day 1 of the month and until last day. The graph is very easy to spot and can be either ascending, descending, in continuous line, or having an irregular flow based on the calories consumed everyday. Moreover, the app provides a personal workout planner which is very useful for those who cannot afford or don’t want to spend money on a personal trainer every month. The planner is very useful in setting to-do activities on a daily and weekly basis.

– Activity plan reminder

The user of this app will get a daily reminder (it’s possible to get more reminders per day) in order to complete the tasks they have set and complete their calorie burning goals. This feature is very useful and can even be adjusted to be used in trips, sports events, triathlons and more. The app will always consider the amount of calories burned and improve health suggestions by working closely with Apple Health app.

– Time-based activities and calorie-goal adjustments

The user of TryAround has the possibility to set time-based activities related to fitness and weight goals, and be reminded about them with hours before they need to happen. Such feature is very useful for those who plan to do certain activities with days before, but forget about them in the meantime. Furthermore, the app provides calorie-goal adjustments on a daily basis, so users can decide how many calories they want to burn in a single day and through which activities.


– No food suggestions / calorie details

What developers forgot to add to this app is a category with food suggestions and calorie details for certain foods. Any good personal trainer will tell its students that in order to be healthy and look so, one needs to eat quality food and watch the amount of calories eaten per day. Even if you accomplish the goals set in the app of burning 1500 calories per day (for example), it won’t help much if you ate 3000 calories in that same day and from unhealthy sources (fast food, frozen meals, etc). Therefore, one needs to also monitor their food intake separately (a separate app can also be used) until developers add such feature to the app.

– It doesn’t come for free

The app costs 7usd to download, which is not a very big amount but it’s worthy to be mentioned nonetheless. There are other fitness trackers in the market which are free or cheaper, yet they are not so detailed and complex as this one.


Despite of the fact that TryAround has few disadvantages as mentioned above, it is certainly a great calorie counter and fitness tracker. We haven’t encountered any bugs while testing it, and the app managed to track burned calories precisely on a daily basis, by working closely with Apple Health. Therefore, it can be a great addition for those who care about weight loss goals and general health on the long term.

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